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This is a MediaFast Video Box for DOMO with a pair on Stance socks included inside the box.

Video Box – Outstanding For Samples and Gifts

A video box provides an outstanding solution for sending samples and gifts. ROI with them is usually high, and feedback from our clients indicates they’ve been very happy with the results.

Sometimes referred to as a video gift box, video sample box, video player box, video box mailer or a screen-in box, this marketing piece simply provides a more impressive way for companies to present their samples and gifts. It sets them apart from competitors, and it sometimes makes all the different in how much they benefit in response.

Also, by offering a complete mailing solution with this presentation strategy, we give our clients the opportunity to remain focused on what they do best.

With samples and gifts, presentation makes all the difference

Sometimes with samples and gifts, the way they are presented makes the biggest difference in how much benefit they produce. Instead of being presented in generic packaging or packaging that includes the logo and marketing messages from a delivery company, a better presentation is ultimately made with a custom video box that only displays branding and information from the sender.

Then, as soon as a video box is opened and the video starts playing for a recipient, a “Wow Factor” quickly becomes an added benefit.

Videos engage more senses in viewers, which makes them more powerful, and most people enjoy them. Also, when included with samples or gifts, video content improves the overall experience and makes them feel even more special.

For most companies, giving out samples or gifts is an excellent way to promote what their company has to offer. In addition to providing an improved presentation, sending a custom video box to targeted prospects or important clients communicates a higher regard for them. It’s also an excellent way to open doors for new relationships and strengthen ones that already exist.

Regardless, the moment a recipient opens a custom video box and sees what’s inside, they’re already impressed probably more than they normally would have been had they received what’s inside in a more traditional way. Then, when the video starts playing, the power of video has its greatest chance to work its magic for the sender. However, the greatest impact of a video box ultimately occurs when a recipient does what most of them normally do, which is to show it to co-workers and other decision-makers because it feels so novel.

A video box makes a powerful statement

At MediaFast, we continually focus on finding ways to offer cutting-edge marketing solutions as well as innovative packaging options to help our customers promote every aspect of their business. The more visually stimulating those products can be, the better they will perform (without overdoing it).

A video box offers our customers a new and exciting way to help their samples, gifts and messages make a greater impact. It is designed to help them take full advantage of the power of videos, and to their customers, it delivers a statement that increases perceived value while also demonstrating a higher regard for them.

A video box provides an outstanding way to impress prospects and clients

As a way to send samples or gifts, we couldn’t recommend anything more than a video box. Using them is more affordable than most people might think, and the difference they make is well worth the money it costs to have them.

Furthermore, when considering the lifetime value of a customer, they go a long way in helping customers stick with companies even when competitors inevitably come calling.

To learn more about a video box or any of our other marketing products, contact us today.

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