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Video Box

Custom Video Box with LCD Screen

This is a MediaFast video box for WholeSalingElite Mastermind.

What is a Video

A video box is a packaging solution with an LCD screen embedded inside, usually in its top. Their custom-printed paper wrap exudes class, and when a recipient opens one, its video content plays immediately just like with video brochures. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we custom mold their guts to keep contents safe.

What is their

Their purpose is to present swag, samples or gifts to targeted recipients with video messages as a way to enhance engagement. They can be hand-delivered or mailed, and when it comes to effective marketing, they typically blow away other marketing strategies.

Why choose them
for marketing?

By delivering a powerful combination of audio, video and print along with swag, samples or gifts, video boxes engage targeted prospects in ways typical marketing simply cannot. To learn about pricing for these modern marketing superstars, click MediaFast Product Pricing. For the ROI they produce, they're definitely affordable.

Video Box Benefits


When recipients receive your Video Box, it will be opened and shared!
Whether it's swag, samples or gifts that you're presenting, there really isn't a better way to dazzle a recipient than with a video box.


Video boxes stand out big-time from other forms of advertising and marketing.
Recipients tend to feel valued that someone thought highly enough of them to give them such an impressive piece of technology.


HD IPS video boxes fuel excitement for their video feed.
We've known influencers to make unboxing videos that have gone viral on social media.


They're not your grandpa's product demo.
And they're far more interesting than traditional, boring sales tools.


Sometimes to succeed, you have to outshine your competitors.
These should blow away any marketing techniques your competitors are trying.


Often to get the greatest response, presentation makes a major impact.
By combining swag, samples or gifts with videos, it creates a presentation strategy that's hard to beat.


Videos have a way of increasing familiarity and creating mental connections...
Both of which are key to speeding up sales cycles.


If you run the batteries down or want to change content, that's no problem.
They're rechargeable like cell phones, and the video content can be changed through a simple process.


Video boxes excite recipients, and they respond much more often than to other marketing tactics.
And if they're too busy to respond right away, follow-up conversations usually go easily and they appreciate talking to you.

Video Box Videos


Video boxes are created based on what you want inside them.

Interior Security

We custom mold the interiors to ensure a perfect presentation.

No Minimum Order

With us, you can order from one to thousands.

Change Video Content

Videos can be different for each recipient, or all the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step in creating a Video Box is determining its size based on what will be included inside of it. Then the design can be created around those components. Following that, the appropriate screen size can be determined and other components can be chosen based on budget and style considerations. Afterwards, a structural design template can be created and graphics can be laid out. And finally, the graphic files can be sent along with the video content and samples or gifts that will be included. With samples in hand, the custom die cut insert may be created to hold all those gifts in place. Once all processes are complete and a proof approval is received, they’re typically ready to ship in 4 to 6 weeks.

The number of videos can be as many as the memory will allow. At MediaFast, our standard build holds 10 minutes worth of video, and it can be used for one or as many short videos as possible until it is all filled.

Video files must be .mp4, .mov, or .avi (not HEIC or HEVC) to work in MediaFast video boxes. They also should be formatted for the aspect ratio and resolution corresponding with the screen size in the unit. To learn more, visit Recommended Video Formats for MediaFast products.

The standard memory for MediaFast products typically holds 10 minutes worth of video. It is scalable and can be increased as needed to hold hours of content if necessary.

MediaFast typically builds Video Boxes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with 2 hours of continuous play. They can be recharged thousands of times, and they can hold a charge for 6 months to a year before servicing becomes necessary.

From a component level, screen sizes, memory capacity, battery capacity and the number of navigation buttons can be upgraded. From a finish perspective, soft touch lamination, spot UV, metallic foil, embossing, and debossing are available upgrades.

Roughly double the cost of a Video Brochure. However, to determine the exact cost, contacting us is the best way to go. Not that we try to upsale, but so we can understand all of the dimensions and ideas for its size, purpose and content. Our goal is to make sure Video Boxes work for whatever our clients want, and the more we know, the better we can create them to help our clients accomplish their goals.

To learn more, visit MediaFast Product Pricing.

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