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This is a MediaFast mailer box with a video brochure for Lamar University.

Video Boxes Create Marketing That Influences More Than Just Recipients

New age Video Boxes like the one pictured in the video below create marketing that influences more than just recipients. They’re novel and extraordinary, and recipients usually can’t resist showing others what they just received. Then their reach is more broad. They impact more opinions, and marketers who use them look brilliant.

Ohh, and by the way, the return on investment they produce is outstanding.

The Benefits of Marketing With a Greater Influence

The most effective marketing produces sales. One of the best strategies is to target key individuals who have an influence over potential purchasing decisions rather than targeting the masses. Needless to say, this has become one of the most impactful trends in marketing over the past handful of years.

So, how is it accomplished? First of all, antiquated marketing media like pamphlets, flyers and traditional brochures usually don’t work well enough. Instead, Video Marketing Products like the one seen in the video below work much better.

Next, it is accomplished by presenting video enabled marketing media that recipients can’t resist sharing with others. Based on feedback, we know the products we sell get shown around more often than not — they’re just too novel and interesting for recipients to keep to themselves.

And finally, video content working its magic makes the biggest impact. Videos are simply more interesting than printed text and motionless images. They’re also more trustworthy, efficient, and engaging. This is why 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video about something they’re already thinking about buying. It’s also why Video Marketing has become the #1 strategy used by companies around the world.

A Video Box In Action

In case you aren’t familiar with them, here is a Video Box in action:

How Video Boxes Differ From Other Marketing Media

In many circumstances, people care about what others think. This is especially true in business. Whether they want the approval of others for the strategies they choose or because they don’t trust themselves, what other people think can make a major impact.

For instance, when a salesperson makes a sales pitch, the decision-maker who hears it often needs approval from someone else before they can make a purchase. Because of this, what tends to happen is they pass along the sales pitch in a second-hand manner, which unfortunately isn’t nearly as effective. As a result, it’s common for other decision-makers to say “no”… Chances are if you’ve ever worked in sales, you’ve experienced this first-hand.

However, when a Video Box makes a presentation, the recipient can simply share the cutting-edge media they just received, which usually goes much better. They can also share the samples or gifts that come inside with it. Immediately, it adds perceived value and increases trust. It also makes the presentation first-hand, and the overall delivery is far more impressive and influential. Then, from what we’ve seen, responses happen and a boost in sales tends to occur as well.

Case Study: DOMO Inc.

Domo Inc. is located in Utah. They help businesses modernize themselves, driven by data. They also help them improve their internal data utilization and grow their external data value. Because their software is so effective, business leaders worldwide use it.

For a time, they were struggling to get the number of responses they were hoping to get from their marketing strategies. Then they collaborated with MediaFast to design an HD IPS Video Box, and response rates improved to a level much more like they wanted.

Effectively, the Video Boxes included a pair of high end socks, a personalized video message, and a business card from each prospect’s assigned sales rep. FedEx delivered them to key executives, and the campaign worked so well that it became necessary for the Domo marketing team to stagger the delivery times farther apart. Otherwise, their sales team couldn’t keep up with the demands for all of the product demonstrations that were requested.

Video Boxes Produce A Boost In Sales

When it comes to marketing, there are two specific goals:

  1. To help companies continue selling to clients they already have.
  2. To help them make sales to new ones.

Video Boxes have proven to accomplish both.

As you probably already know, they include a video. They also include space for gifts and samples to be placed inside, and the way they get presented makes them even more interesting and memorable.

In addition, 90% of consumers say videos make a strong impact on their purchasing decisions, and 80% of consumers say they are more likely to buy a product they are already considering purchasing after watching a video about it. Furthermore, if they can’t find a video from a company they’re most interested in buying from, they’ll usually search for a video from another company and buy from them instead.

Based on this, Video Boxes are extremely influential on recipients. With so much included, there aren’t many better ways for companies to impress targeted prospects, and the return on investment they produce indicates that’s true.

After reading this, if you’d like to benefit from how Video Boxes create marketing that influences more than just recipients, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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