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Video Brochure Analytics

Tracking Video Marketing Products

This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Dothan Pediatric.

The Cost of Analytics

Are you wondering if analytics can be tracked in video brochures? The answer is yes, they can.

Their open rates can be tracked. So can when and how long their videos get watched. Times and dates of where they go—also known as geo positioning—can be tracked as well.

On the surface, that sounds pretty cool, right? Granted, analytics are insightful in marketing.

At MediaFast, we’ve been in business for over 30 years, offering video brochures, video mailers and video boxes for over a decade. That said, the concept of “connected video brochures” or “smart video cards” capable of delivering analytics is not new.

The question is: At what cost? And we’re not referring to finances.

How Data is Collected

While tracking performance sounds cool on the surface, here’s how the process works in video brochures from suppliers who offer tracking.

  • A SIM card is placed inside them, just like in a cell phone.
  • The SIM card tells the server when a unit is opened by a recipient, when they close it, where it is, and when it changes locations.
  • Recipients have to be notified that they’re being tracked.
  • The best way to do that is with a sticker telling them tracking will begin when they peel it off and open the units.
  • Without the notification, it’s not legal.

Think about that for a moment.

Suddenly, feelings change about the experience. Rather than feeling intrigued and excited about the video brochure they received, they often begin to feel concerned…and maybe even annoyed. It’s like their privacy is being violated.

With that in mind, can we offer tracking in video brochures? Yes. Will we? No…and here’s why:

We believe that preserving the ROX—return on experience—and our client’s brands are too valuable to risk being associated with invading people’s privacy. What brand would want that?

Also, in an age when most people want more privacy, knowing there’s another way to relinquish it sounds emphatically unappealing.

And to clarify further, it’s one thing for Apple or Roku to notify consumers that they’re tracking what they watch, when they watch, etc. It’s something entirely different to track a portable video marketing product for the purpose of creating analytics as recipients move with it.

Why sour the experience?

Preserving The Excitement

Video brochures, video mailers, and video boxes are amazing marketing products. The response rates and ROI they produce are outstanding—exceedingly better than pay-per-click, print marketing, social media, and email marketing. To learn more, click Video Brochure – Return on Investment and Return on Experience.

Having said that, they’re not intended to be intrusive.

Instead, they require marketing teams and salespeople to do their jobs—answer response calls and follow-up with recipients who may be too busy to respond soon after receiving them.

Again, we don’t have a problem with analytics. It’s just that how some brands collect data from video brochures isn’t cool. That’s our opinion…and we want you to be aware.