If you’re reading this, you’re either taking on a Video Mailer project, or you’re thinking about one. Based on the brilliant marketing and outstanding ROI they produce, you’ve made a great decision. Now, here are best practices to help yours become the most profitable.

Video Content

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First, it’s always good to keep in mind that most commercials are 30 seconds or less for a reason. Attention spans factor into that, as does the concept of not saying too much too soon.

However, if you need to say more than what 30 seconds will allow, do you know you can have multiple buttons to activate different videos in each unit? You can also have different videos in separate units to customize them for different prospects. Cool, huh? In other words, segmenting is an excellent strategy, and you can use different video content in each unit.

Also, we suggest that your video content accomplish three things. First, it should tell viewers who you are. Second, it should tell them what you do. And finally, it should tell them what you can do to relieve their struggles. After all, what they really want to know more than anything is if they can trust you and what you can do to make their life better.

All the while, it’s best to let your video(s) be the star. While the entire piece will be attention-grabbing and popular, the video content is where the magic happens and it’s truly what elevates response rates.

And finally, your video(s) should arouse emotions. They’re what prompt people to make decisions and take action. They also get consumers to respond to calls-to-action, which you should definitely include, and they help create connections between presenters and viewers.

Graphic Design

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Regarding graphic design, we can either send you the specifications so your team can design your Video Brochure Mailer, or we can design it for you. Also, in case you’re wondering, we have templates to make it easier, and we’ll happily answer questions or give advice along the way.

With that said, what we’ve found through the years is that the most effective design is simple and clean. It’s an excellent way to let your video be the star. It also tends to feel the most appealing, and recipients usually enjoy simplicity and efficiency in video activated marketing products that give them amusement and class at the same time.

For instance, Apple has benefited from phenomenal marketing by keeping their messages clean and simple. Their strategy of not distracting viewers with too many quotes or catch phrases has been brilliant, and by allowing their videos to be the stars of their marketing, their simple graphics have performed very well for them.

Delivery Method

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Should you use UPS or FedEx? Or would using the United States Postal Service be better? Here we’ll answer those questions.

First, if you use UPS or FedEx, you’ll basically be marketing for them because of the packaging they use. Not only will it cover up the design you spent time and money to produce, but it will also reduce your open and response rates based on what our customers have told us.

On the other hand, when a package arrives in custom packaging, it feels important. It definitely doesn’t feel like junk mail, and it gets more attention because of it.

Furthermore, in the COVID-19 environment we’re currently living in, many professionals are working from home. As a result, most mail that they would normally receive at their office is instead being delivered to their residential addresses, and UPS and FedEx charge extra for that.

Considering all of those factors, we believe using the USPS is the best choice. Here’s why:

  • While UPS and FedEx charge extra for residential deliveries, the USPS does not because it’s where the majority of their deliveries take place.
  • They deliver within the lower 48 states within 5 days.
  • The USPS doesn’t normally charge for returns.
  • If by chance any of your Video Mailers get returned, you can reuse them… even if you have to change the video content. To learn more, click How To Change Video Content
  • The USPS is simply a much better value than other carriers.
  • The USPS won’t cover up the custom packaging you spent time and money to design, making your package feel more intriguing.

And finally, to make matters easier for you, we offer a complete distribution service. We’ll load videos, customize each unit, test them thoroughly, and get them mailed to as many addresses as you’d like. From our warehouse in Utah, we can hit up to 14 million addresses within two days. And within three days, we can hit millions more.


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Follow-up after sending Video In Print marketing products is a huge key to success. For instance, do you know that most sales in general happen after the fifth follow-up? After referencing that, I should also mention that Video Mailers have proven to shorten sales cycles, but more than likely, you get the point. Follow-up is vastly important. Sometimes even when consumers are ready to make purchases, they still need to be contacted because they’re just busy.

With that in mind, follow-up is where the majority of your effort should occur. Yes, many recipients will respond to your Video Mailer without your team having to contact them. However, we highly recommend you have a plan in place to follow-up within 24 to 48 hours with prospects who don’t respond after your Video Mailers should have been received.

Why? Because Custom Video Brochure Mailers get shared around offices and among decision-makers. Emotions are high after they’ve been viewed, and because of it, the best time to follow-up is while that excitement still exists.

In addition, sometimes an incorrect address gets used or the wrong recipient receives the delivery. By following-up, you can find that out. Also, when they’re giving you the correct address and/or making arrangements to give the correct person your Video Mailer, that’s when connections for the future can be made. Coincidentally, you’ll be talking to them at the right time to optimize that relationship as well.

And last but not least… Depending on how many salespeople you have, it’s usually a great idea to stagger your distribution. Otherwise, responding to all of the responses while trying to do follow-up at the same time can get way too busy. Trust us, your salespeople will thank you for doing this.


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