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Video Brochure Mailer Best Practices

Keys to success with video marketing products

Four Keys To Success

If you’re reading this, you’re either taking on a video brochure mailer project, or you’re thinking about one. Based on the brilliant marketing and outstanding ROI they produce, you’ve made a great decision.

Having said that, here are best practices based on our decade of experience with them. We want yours to become as profitable as possible, and this advice should help that happen.

Video Brochure – Return on Investment with Return on Experience

In this video, Amy Hafen, President MediaFast, explains how and why video brochures produce extraordinary ROI and ROX, typically blowing away other forms of marketing.

If you’ve found yourself frustrated when trying to engage your target audience, video brochures and video mailers will help bring that to an end.

How to Create Video Content

Most commercials are 30 seconds or less for a reason. A recent study showed the average attention span in humans is 8 seconds, which factors into that, and so does the concept of not saying too much too soon.

If you need to say more than what 30 seconds will allow, you can have multiple buttons that activate different videos in each unit. Segmenting is an excellent strategy, and in case you’re wondering, we don’t charge extra for buttons or multiple videos.

In video marketing products from MediaFast, you can have different videos in separate units and customize them for different prospects. We’ll load them during production, and you can change video content whenever you’d like through a simple process.

Even though your design and messages are important, it’s best to let your video(s) be the star. While the entire piece will grab attention and be popular, the video content is what makes the magic. That said, here’s how to make an effective marketing video.

We suggest that your video content tell viewers three things:

  1. Who you are.
  2. What you do.
  3. How you can relieve their struggles.

After all, what they mostly want to know is if they can trust you and what you sell to make their life better.

To be most effective, your video(s) should arouse emotions. Emotions are what prompt people to make purchasing decisions and take action. They also get consumers to respond to calls-to-action, and they help create connections between presenters and viewers.

How to Design Video Brochures

We can either send you templates so your team can design your video brochures or video mailers, or our design team can design them for you.

In case you’re wondering, you can access MediaFast design templates to make design easier. We’ll also happily answer questions or give advice at any point along the way. And yes, we keep ourselves available to talk to our clients.

We’ve found that the most effective designs are simple and clean while the video content is the star. Recipients usually enjoy simplicity and efficiency in marketing, especially when it gives them amusement and class at the same time.

For instance, Apple has been highly successful keeping their marketing messages clean and simple. Their strategy of not distracting viewers with too many quotes or catch phrases has been brilliant, and simplicity has performed very well for them.

How to Mail Video Brochures

We often get asked if it would be best to use UPS or FedEx? Or would using the United States Postal Service be better?

Well, if you use UPS or FedEx, you’ll basically be marketing for them because of the packaging they use. Not only will it cover up the design you spent time and money on to produce, but it will also reduce your open and response rates according to what our clients have told us.

All things considered, when a package arrives in custom packaging, it feels important. It definitely doesn’t feel like junk mail, and it gets more attention because of it.

Since UPS and FedEx charge extra for residential deliveries and many professionals now work from home, you can save lots of money by using the USPS.

Here’s why we believe using the USPS is the best choice:

  • While UPS and FedEx charge extra for residential deliveries, the USPS does not because it’s where the majority of their deliveries take place.
  • They deliver anywhere in the lower 48 states within 5 days.
  • The USPS doesn’t normally charge for returns.
  • If by chance any of your Video Brochures get returned, you can reuse them even if you have to change the video content. To learn more, click How To Change Video Content.
  • The USPS is a much better value than other carriers.
  • Shipping labels from the USPS won’t cover up the custom packaging you spent time and money on to design, making your package feel more intriguing.

To make the entire process easier for you, we offer a complete distribution service. We’ll load videos, customize each unit, test them thoroughly, and get them mailed to as many addresses as you’d like. From our warehouse in Utah, we can hit up to 14 million addresses within two days. And within three days, we can hit millions more.

Why You Should Follow-Up

Follow-up after sending video marketing products is a huge key to success. Why? Because most sales in general happen after the 5th follow-up. Sometimes even when consumers are ready to make purchases, they still need to be contacted because they’re just busy.

While many recipients will respond to your video mailer without your team having to contact them, we highly recommend you have a plan to follow up within 24 to 48 hours with anyone who doesn’t respond that quickly. You need to know they’ve been received, and it’s best not to let hot leads turn cold.

Do you know the saying Strike while the iron is hot? Emotions are high after video brochures been viewed, and because of it, the best time to follow-up is while excitement for them is at its peak.

Custom video brochures and video mailers get shared among decision-makers and around offices.

Even if your video brochure lands on the desk of the wrong recipient, whoever gets it will think it’s super cool and be happy to talk to you. Then they’ll help get it to the right person, and they might turn into a hot lead for you that you otherwise would have never known about. Believe it or not, we’ve actually had clients make sales in those circumstances many times.

Depending on how many salespeople you have, it’s usually a great idea to stagger your distribution. Otherwise, addressing all of the responses while trying to follow up at the same time can get way too busy. Trust us, your salespeople will thank you for doing this.

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