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How Much Do Video Brochures Cost?

First, it is important to point out video content on video brochures can be changed (click here for instructions), which makes them reuseable. In a simple drag and drop process, new video content can be loaded by plugging a unit into a Mac or PC without a new video brochure having to be created.

Second, the batteries are rechargeable.

With those two qualities in mind, the average cost of a video brochure is between $25 to $65 depending on several variables. Quantity ordered, screen size, amount of memory and battery life all affect the cost per unit. Upgraded features, like the ability to play multiple videos and touch screen, can be added and will also affect price.

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Why The Average Cost Is $25 to $65


They are made out of cell phone components, and cell phones are much more expensive. According to www.worldstart.com, the average true cost of a cell phone is $549. Carriers usually subsidize the cost of a new phone in exchange for a multi-year agreement with a customer to maintain service. With that agreement, the phone is paid for over time.

Other handheld electronic devices usually cost much more than video brochures, and they aren’t customized like a TV commercial. For example, the average cost of a portable DVD player is $50 to $100. Tablets can easily cost $400 or more, but the cheapest versions average $50 to $100. Even new pagers restricted to numeric-only messages cost $30 to $50.


For many reasons, video brochures are worth the money. They are powerful marketing tools that impress targeted recipients and present messages in the most effective way – THROUGH THE POWER OF VIDEOS.


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