What is a Video Brochure?

A Video Brochure is an LCD screen embedded into a printed hardcover or softcover brochure. Video brochures are customizable with various buttons, features, and sizes, such as video business cards or video boxes. Video brochures make it easy to share your message with just a flip.
Video brochure components


customizable video content


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Choose from many different brochure options including finished size, memory capacity, screen size, battery capacity and more.

video screen sizes


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All of our screens are HD and come in a variety of sizes starting at 3” all the way to 10.1.

video brochure memory icon


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Memory is scalable, our standard memory includes 256Mb of internal memory. Need more? 512Mb, 1GB, 2Gb and ore available.

print options icon


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All of our brochure products include 4 color printing with a choice of glossy or matte lamination. Additional features include spot UV, foil, PMS colors, embossing and more.

video brochure button options


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Buttons can trigger a variety of functions, the most common include Play/Pause, Volume UP/Down and chapter selections.

form factor icon


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Finished brochure sizes are customized to your needs. You’ll find existing template choices on our website or we can create a new size for no additional charge.

load files on video brochure


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We offer video loading during production. You can load as many files as the capacity allows. Our uploading feature allows you to change the mp4 or mov file at any time
video brochures are rechargeable


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Can’t stop watching your new marketing product? The lithium battery is rechargeable, just plug it in and juice it back up!

download icon


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  • Right-click your mouse, or control-click if you are using a Mac, on whichever link you choose and select “Save Target As…” Then the form will be saved on your hard drive.
  • You will then complete the PDF of the form.
  • Sign it following the choices for creating a digital signature given in the “Sign Document” box that appears when you click on the Signature boxes in each form.
  • Then save the PDF form to your hard drive, and email the completed PDF to your contact at MediaFast.
Video Brochure made for 866 UNP
Video Brochure for Bachman Associates
Brisa video brochure example
Butterfly video brochure
blue smoke decorative