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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Video Brochures Are Excellent For Fundraising

Have you ever considered using video brochures for fundraising?  They’re excellent for many purposes, and fundraising is one of them.

Video Brochures Can Create A Connection To A Cause

People who donate are inspired to give when they feel connected to a cause. While it may not be possible due to time commitments or expenses for a donor to get a first-hand experience of a cause needing their help, videos are easily the next best way to touch them emotionally.

Often, nonprofit organizations and charities need ways to have their stories heard. Stories engage people and are excellent for generating interest and raising awareness. Through visual storytelling, organizations can touch people’s hearts and connect with their values. For charitable organizations, it is priceless for donors to feel connected.

Video Brochures Provide A Platform For Storytelling

It is advantageous for nonprofit organizations and charities to collect stories from clients, donors, volunteers, founders and staff members. However, just as important as the stories they tell is the method used to tell them.

For organizations to present their stories, videos are excellent. Videos enhance storytelling, and in the digital age we live in, people are drawn to them. They combine sight, sound and motion to engage more senses and portray circumstances more accurately.

Further capitalizing on the proven success of videos, video brochures combine traditional printed brochures with videos to touch a viewer almost like a TV commercial. However, video brochures are much more affordable than TV commercials and can be given to targeted recipients fitting an ideal profile.

Equipped with a powerful marketing tool like a video brochure helps board members and volunteers have an easier time connecting with possible donors in a way that is quick and consistent every time.

Rules To Follow When Making A Video Brochure For Fundraising

  • Place the emphasis on your cause and not on your organization.  It is by far more effective to show viewers the reasons their donations are needed and what they’ll be used to accomplish. Organizations making videos about themselves in the hopes of gaining donations fail to touch people’s emotions in the same way. A fundraising video should be used to raise awareness and highlight the positive effect an organization’s efforts can make on a worthy cause. Descriptions about organizations and their members or services are better placed on a website.
  • Use clients or industry experts to make powerful statements.  This strategy is much more effective than having an executive or staff member say something that could dramatically impact people’s decisions to donate. Knowledge from an expert or a testimonial from someone with first-hand experience relating to a charitable cause is much more interesting and reliable.
  • Use someone from outside your organization to glorify the effect your organization is having on the cause.  This builds credibility and makes for a more authentic and powerful video.
  • Have a clear purpose for your video.  Unfortunately, this rule is often overlooked. Having a clear purpose can be the difference between raising as much as hoped for and not raising a single dollar.
  • When thinking about your purpose, here are things to consider: 1) Who will be watching the video? Knowing your audience is crucial and can completely change how the story gets portrayed. 2) What do you want your audience to think, feel or do after they’ve finished watching the video? Knowing this will help you portray the story in a way most likely to produce the desired response.

By keeping these rules in mind, the chances of your organization ending up with a video that will greatly help its fundraising efforts will be increased.

MediaFast Video Brochures Are Great For Fundraising

MediaFast has made video brochures for organizations using them for fundraising many times. In addition to a genuine interest in charity, the MediaFast team has a wealth of knowledge that saves money and maximizes funds available for clients who work with them.

They understand many nonprofit and charitable organizations have to be frugal in their operations, and they keep prices affordable while only using the best brand new components. That ensures product reliability and customer satisfaction, which is placed at a premium.

For more information about video brochures or how MediaFast can help with your fundraising efforts, contact MediaFast today.

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