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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Hammer Packaging.

Video Brochures Are Extremely Powerful Sales Tools

Video Brochures have become extremely powerful sales tools. Regardless of what products, services or opportunities they’re used to promote, they’ve proven to substantially increase sales for companies who use them.

MediaFast Video Brochures Increase Sales

In the world we live in today where videos seem to be everywhere, Video Brochures are an excellent way to engage targeted prospects. One of the main reasons they’re so effective is because prospective buyers find them more interesting. They also make it easier for companies to arouse emotions in potential customers, and as a result, they benefit from how effective videos are at creating a connection between them and their most likely customers.

In addition, prospects who receive Video Brochures from companies who have targeted them feel honored that someone thought highly enough of them to send such an impressive piece of technology instead of a more traditional sales tool. Recipients also find it hard to resist sharing Video Brochures with other people who influence their decisions, which rarely ever happens with other sales tools, and they increase the perceived value of what is being offered. These are just a few of the reasons why Video Brochures are extremely powerful sales tools.

At MediaFast, we’ve seen Video Brochures become one of the very best ways for companies to connect with their target audience. We also understand how important it is for companies to spend their money on sales tools that actually work to increase sales. From the feedback we’ve received from our customers, Video Brochures do that extremely well.

How To Make The Most Of Video Brochures In Sales

Here are four suggestions for how your company can increase sales with Video Brochures:

  1. Have a specific message. The more specific the message is in a Video Brochure, the more likely it is to produce the best results. People are busy, and because of it, they usually want to know what they’re about to watch before they actually watch something. Even as impressive as Video Brochures are, when their messages specify what a customer will gain by purchasing what is being presented, they’re much more effective.
  2. Show value to potential buyers. When consumers make purchases, it’s usually because they’re interested in how the product, service or opportunity will make their lives better. Because of this, the best sales videos present real value in short time frames before closing with a call-to-action.
  3. Increase sales by generating leads. Usually, having a call-to-action helps Video Brochures generate more leads. They have a way of making it into the hands of decision-makers quickly after they’re dropped off at offices or sent in the mail (Video Mailers). However, unless recipients feel a reason to contact the company who presented it to them, they sometimes sit on desks or in briefcases just like other sales tools. That delay in response typically gets reduced when a compelling call-to-action prompts recipients to respond when they’re still feeling enthusiastic about what they’ve just watched in a Video Brochure. Also, following up with recipients soon after they receive Video Brochures increases sales and generates leads more effectively as well.
  4. Make the Video Brochure fun. Boring sales videos rarely ever accomplish much. According to research, the first ten seconds in a video is the most critical, and if a video isn’t interesting enough for viewers to feel like they want to continue watching it, they’ll usually just turn it off or stop paying attention. To make the most out of that first ten seconds, it is necessary to grab the attention of viewers with something entertaining or out of the ordinary. Then, soon into the video, it makes just as much of an impact to show them the value of what is being presented. Very important: Keep in mind that sometimes humor can be offensive or distracting, which unfortunately can cause a message to completely lose its chance to be effective (or sometimes even backfire).

By following these four suggestions, we’ve seen companies enjoy great success using Video Brochures to increase sales.

To learn more about Video Brochures or any of the other Video Marketing Products we sell, contact us today.

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