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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Sotheby's.

Video Brochures Are Great For Selling Real Estate

For people who work in the industry, Video Brochures are great for selling real estate. In addition to being impressive, dynamic, and attention grabbing, they combine the best of print advertising with the power of videos to form one of the greatest sales tools ever. Think of it this way: While reading a traditional brochure can feel totally unappealing, watching one can actually be pretty fun!

Why Video Brochures Are Great For Selling Real Estate

Video Brochures have proven to be one of the best tools to use in advertising and marketing. As a way for companies to reach their most likely customers and receive a response, we’ve had customers report as much as a 60% to 70% increase in response rates when compared to strategies they were previously using. Likewise, they’ve produced excellent results for real estate agents as well.

With regards to selling real estate, it has been reported that throughout the entire industry, only 2% of agents make the majority of sales. Because of this, having a way to stand out from other agents is extremely important.

To accomplish this, here are ways Video Brochures provide significant advantages for agents who use them:

  1. They provide impressive thank-you gifts after sales. For example, including one video showing the property a client bought or sold along with another video custom made by the agent saying “Thank you!” is outstanding. Using this strategy also generates future sales that come from referrals and repeat business.
  2. They provide an ideal Video Marketing Product for presenting virtual tours of properties. Considering how busy people are and how often they want to see certain properties multiple times, this creates an enormous advantage.
  3. They allow agents to highlight homes where they will be the agent for the buyer and seller.
  4. They help agents control the attention of their clients by keeping them from looking at properties online.
  5. Since multiple videos can be used in Video Brochures, they allow agents to present sales points, educational points, and answers to common questions. For example, explaining how little the difference of $5,000 in a total purchase actually impacts a monthly payment is eyeopening to many potential buyers.
  6. While contacting sellers with expired listings is a common strategy, presenting Video Brochures with custom videos makes it more rewarding. Conveniently, videos in Video Brochures are easy to change so agents can change the properties they include. To learn more, click this link: How To Change Content On A Video Brochure
  7. Because they’re efficient, thorough, and interesting, they’re excellent communication tools.
  8. Recipients share them with other people who influence their decisions, meaning information gets presented in a much more effective way than second-hand.
  9. Video Brochures appeal to potential clients who are considered to be high-end and/or sophisticated.
  10. They work extremely well as a way to drum up referrals, leaving an impressive, competent, marketing-savvy impression of agents who use them.

Real estate is a valuable commodity. Time is valuable for all parties. Considering these advantages, it’s easy to see how Video Brochures make such a huge difference for agents who use them in the industry. On top of that, brokers have experienced great results from using Video Brochures to recruit other agents they would like to add to their team.

Why Video Brochures Are Extraordinarily Effective

In case you haven’t experienced a Video Brochure, visualize holding a traditional printed brochure in your hands. Then, when you open it, instead of seeing motionless text and images, there is a state of the art LCD screen that starts playing a video. Effectively, messages are more enjoyable for consumers when they combine the power of videos with traditional print marketing, and as a result, they make a greater impact.

To illustrate this concept, here is a video showing Video Brochures in action:

To purchase Video Brochures to help your company sell more real estate, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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