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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Bravas.

Video Brochures are Ideal for Showcasing Videos

Video brochures are ideal for showcasing videos. For example, check out this testimonial we recently received from Martin C. Walsh, President of The Vacation Channel:

“Thank you for the service and the impeccable product. As a video producer, I have rarely been more proud of showcasing my work than the times I have gotten to see a customer’s face light up as they open a brochure for the first time.”

For videographers, having the right platform to showcase videos can have a significant impact on their success. His reference to the proud feeling people get when they see a targeted recipient experience a video brochure for the first time, especially if it includes one of their own videos, perfectly describes one of the biggest reasons video brochures have been so successful.

What makes videos so effective

The combination of audio and visual in videos has an unparalleled affect on viewers. They enable demonstrations to be watched in actual circumstances as well as non-verbal communication to be included in presentations. More information can be presented faster in videos, and they engage more senses, which makes information easier to remember. Also, they have the ability to explain concepts with animation that are virtually impossible to explain by using words or real life images, and they are most people’s go-to method for learning and entertainment.

To shine some light on this, here are some statistics and remarks based on research from Wyzowl’s survey “The State of Video Marketing 2018:

  • 81% of companies use videos for marketing in 2018 because of how effective they’ve proven to be (this is compared to 63% in 2017)
  • The average person watches 1.5 hours of video each day for learning and/or entertainment
  • Videos can say and show much more than motionless words and/or images in shorter time frames
  • Videos increase authenticity for presenters and viewers
  • 100% of people say video is the next best thing to in-person conversation
  • 96% of people find it easier to record themselves talking or demonstrating than to find precise words to put in writing
  • 81% of individuals have purchased a product or service after watching a video about it
  • 97% of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their products or services
  • 76% of marketers attribute an increase in sales by their company to their increased use of videos
  • Videos attract prospects
  • When both videos and text are available, 72% of people choose to watch videos to learn about products, services or opportunities
  • Videos increase motivation by arousing emotions
  • In today’s world, videos require very little investment, if any, to produce or edit
  • Videos can be posted online or edited and then relaunched for future benefits

As a result of these statistics (and other data), companies now frequently use videos for sales, training, motivating, internal communication, marketing, recruiting, testimonials, reporting, and SEO benefits. They also use them to increase likability and perceived value. In all probability, there aren’t any other means of communication that can offer nearly as much versatility and efficiency as videos.

What makes video brochures ideal for showcasing videos

So, what makes video brochures ideal for showcasing videos? Here is an extensive list of reasons:

  • They allow companies to get their videos directly into the hands of their most likely customers and top prospects
  • They are impressive, state-of-the-art pieces of technology that are almost impossible for recipients to ignore
  • They provide an excellent way for companies to get their messages past “gatekeepers” so they can reach decision-makers
  • Video brochures are commonly shared by co-workers and decision-makers
  • They allow companies to optimize the way their messages are presented
  • They aren’t viewed as throw-away marketing materials
  • They provide an ideal reason for a follow-up appointment, which is often a key to success in sales
  • They make companies and their products and services more memorable
  • Video brochures produce outstanding ROI
  • They can be purchased for between $20 and $65 per unit, which can normally be recouped by one sale (for most companies)
  • Recipients appreciate the level of convenience they offer
  • Video content on each unit can be changed, which makes them easy to customize and reuse

Based on these reasons, it’s easy to see why we believe video brochures are ideal for showcasing videos. We’ve also seen the great success users have had with them for many different purposes, and customer feedback indicates they truly are well worth the money is costs to have them.

To learn more about video brochures or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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