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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for The Performance Code.

Video Brochures Are Marketing Your Target Audience Will Enjoy

If you’re a marketer, Video Brochures are marketing your target audience will enjoy. Why? Because they’re new-age. They’re highly intriguing, and they include videos.

Oh, and unlike antiquated marketing pieces most consumers have seen hundreds of times before, they don’t get set aside or ignored.

For instance, here’s a testimonial from Nikki Mayer. Love the product! Great company to work with and the digital brochures have been most impressive as a sales tool!”

Examples of Video Brochures

In case you aren’t familiar with them, here are some examples of Video Brochures we’ve created for clients. Some are stand-alone pieces. Others are Video Mailers with custom packaging, which is more effective than using packaging from UPS, FedEx, or any other shipping company. And others in this video are included with Video Boxes.

Less Expensive Than You Might Think

If you work in marketing, you probably understand the power of videos. That said, have you thought about including them in direct mail or hand-deliverable pieces like Video Marketing products?

Whether you have or you haven’t, hopefully by now you’re considering it. Here’s why: We’ve had clients report as high as a 66% response rate when using them, and one told us they enjoyed a 70% increase in sales after theirs were distributed. Clearly, those results blow away other marketing strategies.

More interested now? If you’re thinking yes, here’s some more info that’s awesome: For between $20-$65 per unit, you can have marketing media that blows away other strategies.

Does that seem too expensive? Well, it definitely costs more than postcards or emails, and it’s more than pay-per-click advertisements typically cost. However, it’s definitely less than buying lunch or dinner for a prospective client, yet far more effective.

For instance, here’s a testimonial from Jennifer Parks. We have worked with Sandie, Bill and the MediaFast team since the middle of 2017 when we first tested their video brochure mailer against our control creative for one of our long standing multi-channel direct mail campaigns. Their video brochure outperformed our control increasing orders by 79.4%. We love working with MediaFast and look forward to many more years of working with them. They are truly seen as partners and we value the teamwork atmosphere that makes MediaFast the very best.

Another Short Clip of a Video Brochure

The following example shows a Video Brochure with a pocket inside the left flap. Many of our clients want that feature so they can include print marketing pieces, which when presented in one of these is also more effective.

Your Target Audience Will Enjoy Your Video Brochure

As you may have already discovered, the key to success with Video Marketing is getting the right people to watch your company’s videos. Unless that happens, they’ll fail to produce nearly as well as they could.

Fortunately, Video Brochures are superstars at making that happen. Plus, prospects and current customers you send them to will actually enjoy them… And, if they’re like most other recipients, they’ll show them to others who influence their decisions.

Why? Because that tends to be what happens. It’s also one of the reasons why ROI with them is so outstanding. If your current marketing strategy isn’t producing like you want, trying one of these will be a great choice. To learn more, click: MediaFast Reviews.

Get The Best Video Brochures From MediaFast

So, why do we say ours are the best? Well, because we only use brand new, Grade A components to make them. That ensures the best quality, and escalates their reliability.

We also confidently give out free samples so our prospects can compare our products to those from our competitors, and we constantly hear responses like this one from Junmo Jeong:

Our company ordered a video brochure from MediaFast. Before we decided to go with them, we requested a sample from more than 10 different video brochure companies. They were the only company that gave us a great quality sample with an affordable price. Other company’s video brochures were either too expensive or low quality. Print quality is super nice. Delivery date was normal compared to the other companies. And in the end, communication with the sales and production manager was very good. They answered my questions very fast. Thank you!”

Also, from what we know, we’re the only company in our industry to include a full, one-year warranty with everything we sell.

And finally, we offer a full distribution service. To learn more, click Why We’ll Mail Your Video Brochures For You.

After reading this, if you’d like to use a marketing strategy your target audience will enjoy, or get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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