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Recipient watching a video in a video brochure with a salesperson.

Video Brochures Are Perfect For Sales

Video brochures are perfect for sales because they peak interest and capture attention. They also make companies look modern and shorten the sales process.

Video Brochures Attract Decision Makers

Video brochures help salespeople overcome some of the biggest obstacles in sales.

A big challenge regularly faced by salespeople is getting initial meetings with targeted prospects. Many decision makers don’t want to be pitched by salespeople and they have others screen callers for them. To stimulate interest, salespeople dropping off video brochures is a perfect way to get the attention of decision makers. Afterwards, once a decision maker has watched a company’s video brochure, face to face meetings often go better and the sales process becomes shorter.

Another big challenge regularly faced by salespeople is securing follow up appointments. By giving a potential customer an impressive video brochure during an initial meeting, the fact that it will have to be recollected creates a perfect opportunity for a follow up.

Possibly the biggest obstacle routinely faced in sales is getting approval from of other decision makers not present for the initial sales pitch. For example, many companies have multiple owners or husbands and wives who make decisions together. Understandably, this is critical for success. Unfortunately for salespeople, it is common for other decision makers to shoot down potential sales because they receive information in a second hand way. Video brochures can offset that by being a perfect way to engage other decision makers with a high quality company presentation. Moreover, statistics indicate video brochures are regularly shared with others who make company decisions.

Video Brochures Make Average Salespeople Great

Video brochures are known for making salespeople more confident. They improve a company’s image and help get messages across to potential buyers in an effective way without a salesperson having to feel all of the pressure.

They also allow salespeople to listen more and talk less. Potential customers like salespeople who listen well and don’t take up much of their time. They also appreciate being able to watch a state-of-the-art device that doesn’t need electricity or an internet connection whenever convenient for them.

A major advantage for companies who use video brochures is that they get to control how their products and services are presented. Studies reveal people remember what they see and hear in videos significantly more than what they only read, only hear, or only see. Videos engage more senses and successfully connect with potential customers emotionally. Video brochures are practically TV commercials that can be given to targeted recipients tailored to their needs. For a salesperson, video brochures make their job easier by delivering an effective, well thought-out and consistent message.

Video Brochures Help Generate More Sales

Marketing strategies often determine how successful a company becomes. Video brochures are modern, affordable and have been extremely successful in marketing for companies around the world.

Sales become easier to make when potential customers are interested, engaged and impressed. Video brochures peak interest, engage more senses, and impress potential customers. After holding one and feeling its effects, it’s easy to understand why they are generating so much success.

MediaFast Video Brochures Are Worth The Money

Video brochures are definitely worth the money and MediaFast makes them the best.

When researching companies who produce digital marketing products, MediaFast stands out among competitors. We pride ourselves on keeping happy repeat customers and continually giving the same great service to new ones.

To learn more about video brochures and how they can boost sales, contact us today.

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