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This is a MediaFast video brochure for University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center.

Video Brochures Are Rockstars In Marketing

Video brochures combine the power videos with the best of traditional print marketing to form one of the best marketing tools ever. They’re impressive, attention grabbing, and exceedingly effective. If you’ve ever experienced one, you know exactly what I mean.

In case you haven’t experienced one, visualize holding a traditional brochure in your hands. However, when you open it, instead of seeing a bunch of text, you’ll see a state of the art LCD screen with a video that starts playing. If you’re like most people, you’ll immediately become captivated and think of nothing else for the next little while. A reaction like that is common, and because of it, messages in video brochures get more attention and leave a greater mark in the minds of viewers.

Why Video Brochures are Rockstars

Videos have become one of the very best ways to present messages. The biggest advantage video brochures provide is an ideal way to help ensure they get watched. More importantly, a company’s ability to get their videos watched by the “right” people can go a long way in determining the extent of their success and video brochures definitely help make that happen.

Another benefit video brochures provide is the ability to target specific prospects and provide them with a marketing piece that has proven to be practically impossible to ignore.

With viewers in mind, some of the greatest advantages video brochures provide are that they are simple, user-friendly, and they have the ability to deliver messages in a modern, more appealing way. They also engage multiple senses by using visuals with sound and motion, which makes messages more memorable, and with videos, they have the ability to say more in less time.

In addition to those advantages, video brochures tend to get shared amongst decision-makers as well as others who influence them. The excitement they generate helps companies make more sales, and the branding they produce helps increase the amount of return business companies enjoy.

However, quite possibly the most powerful affect video brochures provide is that because they are shared, a company’s messages do not get seen and heard in a second-hand nature. As most people who work in sales know, the majority of sales get declined because other decision-makers who don’t see or hear the information first-hand have an easier time saying “no”. However, with video brochures, messages get seen and heard in a more impressive manner that often leaves viewers more interested or sometimes even ready to buy.

MediaFast Sells Outstanding Video Brochures

At MediaFast, all of our video brochures are made with only brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality. Also, from what we know, we are the only company to include a full warranty on them. It is not a limited warranty. If something is defective or malfunctions in a video brochure purchased from us, we will fix it or replace it right away. The only exceptions are that if the problem was caused by normal wear and tear or if evidence shows the product was not sensibly cared for or was mistreated.

Also, we do not lock the videos on our video brochures. We load the initial videos onto each unit for our customers and then leave them unlocked so the video content can be changed by them at any time without an added expense. While some companies charge for this service, we do not because we believe that without the video content, a video brochure isn’t really a video brochure.

To learn more about video brochures or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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