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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Invent Help.

Video Brochures Beat Second Hand Communication

Video brochures are highly effective in sales and marketing. They easily outperform most traditional strategies used for those purposes, and they are easily much more effective than second hand communication when products, services, or opportunities are being presented.

Video Brochures Beat Second Hand Communication

How often do salespeople lose out on potential sales because someone other than the person they presented to says “no”? If you ask them, it happens far too often. Even if the person they presented to is a decision-maker themselves and wants to say “yes”, deals often still get nixed by other decision-makers who only hear the information in a second hand manner.

Around the world, scenarios like that occur daily. For executives, regardless of whether they’re too busy to meet with salespeople or if they insist on having others run “interference” for them, they commonly avoid dealing directly with salespeople. As a result, many fail to hear information that might truly benefit them directly from the best sources.

So, if most people know this, why is it that scenarios like the ones described above are so common? More than any other reason, it is because perception is influenced by stored experiences and impressions. Anytime information is being presented in a second hand manner, the person presenting it isn’t nearly as good at delivering it as the person who presented it to them in most cases. Also, the person gathering the information simply can’t avoid missing out on learning from someone their minds would naturally consider more credible. Instead, their minds are typically more closed, and they feel less intrigued.

Fortunately, as a way for companies to get around this problem, video brochures were invented. They’re outstanding as a way for companies to avoid missing out on sales due to their representatives not being able to engage decision-makers (any or all), and they’re highly convenient for sharing, which means other decision-makers can hear and see information in a much more effective manner.

Why Video Brochures Are So Effective

Video brochures impress recipients. The “Wow Factor” with them is exceptional, and they tend to get a response from professionals who normally wouldn’t respond to other forms of communication (if they would even pay attention to it).

In addition, here are several other of the most powerful reasons why video brochures are so effective:

  • Video brochures grab and hold attention.
  • Video brochures make companies messages more interesting.
  • Video brochures increase the number of times a company’s videos get viewed by the “right” people.
  • Video brochures help companies set themselves apart from competitors.
  • Video brochures present messages consistently without being affected by mood, appearance, abilities, or thought processes of presenters.
  • Video brochures can be mailed to, handed directly to, or dropped off for prospects.
  • Video brochures can easily be shared by decision-makers, office staffs, and others who influence them.
  • Video brochures capitalize on the power of videos, which allow companies to present more information in less time in a more memorable way.
  • Video brochures win the battle for attention with executives, assistants, mailroom clerks, and receptionists.

While there are many other reasons why video brochures are so effective, these represent to the most powerful.

High Quality Video Brochures Come From MediaFast

For over 30 years, we’ve helped companies be more successful in sales and marketing. Our team of experts fully understands that eye catching, well-constructed, tasteful marketing products simply perform much better than most other forms of marketing, and we are able to utilize our vast experience in ways to benefit our customers that many other companies simply cannot.

For the money, MediaFast Video Brochures are cost effective to produce and distribute. ROI with them is outstanding, and we only use brand new components in all of them to ensure the highest quality.

To learn more about video brochures or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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