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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Morsani College of Medicine.

Video Brochures Can Eliminate Commission Breath

Many companies use video brochures to help their salespeople. However, when salespeople seem desperate to make a sale, prospects usually get turned off. For that reason, salespeople would be wise to know when they are working with commission breath and do whatever they can to eliminate it.

Defining commission breath

Commission breath is an expression used to describe a salesperson who seems willing to do or say just about anything to make a sale. The best interest of their prospects is not a big concern, and their body language usually wreaks of stress and insecurity. People with these characteristics aren’t attractive in the dating scene, and they aren’t appealing in sales either.

Because of the desperation they feel, professionals with commission breath are constantly in selling mode. Every opportunity to make a sale becomes an obsession, and just about anyone with a pulse is fair game. Also, relationships are not a priority.

What salespeople with commission breath don’t understand is their actions and tones are often a sales-killer. Moreover, not everyone who has commission breath is aware they have the problem, and some suffer from it mildly while others knock people over with it.

Today’s consumers are smart and can usually smell commission breath right away. For example, when salespeople begin a sales meeting telling a prospect about how great they are or by aggressively pushing their products or services, they’re usually just stinking up their chances of making a sale. Also, when a salesperson talks more than they listen, it usually is a sign they have commission breath.

Other signs of commission breath are when salespeople chase every prospect (sometimes in awkward ways), use high-pressure tactics, try to close a deal early and often, hype their product or service relentlessly, try to overcome every objection, or don’t give a prospect enough time to reply to them before they attempt to engage them again.

How to eliminate commission breath

The most effective way to eliminate commission breath is to think of the sales process as a win-win for all parties. For example, consumers appreciate when salespeople focus mostly on solving their problems or satisfying their needs. Most people can tell when salespeople have their best interest in mind, and sometimes the deciding factor when making a purchasing decision for a consumer is whether or not they like the salesperson working with them.

The best salespeople focus on what their prospects stand to gain and treat them like people with needs or wants. Without seeming desperate or impatient, they handle objections tactfully, listen well, acknowledge their prospect’s feelings, and show them how their products or services can help their circumstances.

Basically, instead of the salesperson shining the spotlight on themselves, they focus on the person they are trying to help. As a result, their tactics become more about relationships instead of money, and they usually make more sales because of it.

Video brochures benefit both parties in sales

Video brochures help salespeople feel more confident and relaxed. They also enable them to talk less and listen more (which most prospective buyers really appreciate).

For prospective buyers, they usually appreciate the convenience and low pressure video brochures introduce. They also tend to appreciate the novelty and modern technology, and they make it easier for prospects to share information with other decision-makers.

Essentially, when video brochures are part of sales interactions, there are benefits for all parties. Not only because videos have become the most effective way for marketers and salespeople to engage prospects, but also because they make salespeople better and prospects respond more favorably to them.

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