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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Truebeck Construction.

Video Brochures Help Companies Become More Popular

The combination of audio and visual in cutting-edge, attention-grabbing marketing media like Video Brochures helps companies become more popular. As their most likely customers pay more attention to their messages, companies help themselves influence them in ways that more traditional forms of marketing simply can’t deliver.

Why Videos Are Excellent For Telling Stories

According to the Harvard Business Review, often the best way to capitalize on the power of persuasion and communicate important points is by telling stories. Because of that, storytelling can lead to great success in marketing.

Whether used for teaching, marketing, selling, or to persuade someone to change an opinion, stories are powerful. When told in videos, they’re even more effective considering how well consumers respond to them.

For example, the following video from Little Caesars is hard to forget. In addition to doing exactly what marketing is supposed to do, it causes the Little Caesars brand to stick in the minds of its most likely customers so they’ll remember it when they’re thinking about buying pizza.

As you can see, this video uses a famous phrase, “the best thing since sliced bread”, and carries on about it in an outrageous, entertaining, and positively memorable production. It not only advertises what Little Caesars offers, but it also makes it interesting by focusing on a dilemma faced by an executive and follows him on his quest to resolve it. Without a doubt, creative videos like this are often the most effective in marketing.

Why Telling Stories Helps Companies Become More Popular

Telling stories helps companies become more popular because they’re especially appealing to listeners. In addition to arousing emotions and creating mental connections, they peak interest and boost awareness. They’ve been effective in communication since the Stone Age, and throughout history, many leaders have enjoyed great success because of their storytelling abilities and their wisdom in knowing when to tell them.

For most people, loving the feeling of hearing stories develops when they’re kids. Then as adults, as soon as they hear the words “Once upon a time”, their brains immediately feel intrigued because they remember the joy stories created when they were young. Sometimes, even if they’ve heard a story before, they still enjoy hearing it again because of the happy feelings in creates. As well, stories often teach valuable lessons. Dating as far back as the earliest civilizations, humans discovered that stories are one of the best ways to teach important concepts, safe practices, and many helpful procedures… and they’ve been relied upon ever since.

Similarly, stories work well in business. People’s minds have an easier time processing and relating to them, and because they feel more interesting, stories do a better job of making points stick and information get remembered.

Why Video Brochures Are So Effective In Marketing

The combination of audio and visual in videos has an unparalleled affect on viewers. They have the ability to show demonstrations in actual circumstances as well as tell stories, which makes them more effective in marketing, and companies who use them have been enjoying great return on investment from videos for years.

For producers, having the right platform to showcase videos can significantly impact how well they perform. Fortunately, as indicated by this testimonial from Martin C. Walsh, President of The Vacation Channel, Video Brochures are ideal for showcasing videos.

“Thank you for the service and the impeccable product. As a video producer, I have rarely been more proud of showcasing my work than the times I have gotten to see a customer’s face light up as they open a brochure for the first time.”

To purchase Video Brochures so your company can capitalize on the best marketing tool for telling stories, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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