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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Service King.

Video Brochures Help Technicians Make Sales

Video brochures are ideal for helping technicians make sales. For years now we’ve seen how video brochures turn average salespeople into great salespeople, and since most technicians aren’t great at sales, video brochures help them significantly.

When video brochures help technicians make sales

Imagine when a technician shows up at a house to diagnose a problem with a water heater. Most home owners are glad to see them but they’re also filled with concern about how much they can trust them. Sometimes they’re prepared to get more than one bid, and if they’re savvy enough, they’re aware the technician will probably up-sell them as well.

From the technician’s perspective, most people who work in repairs or maintenance would rather not be in sales. They normally enjoy fixing things, or at least are very good at it, and would much rather perform that part of their job and then move on to the next appointment. However, many companies rely on their technicians to make sales because the opportunity to increase revenue in those situations is golden. Also, most companies can’t afford to send salespeople around with their technicians so they can capitalize on the most opportune moments with individuals who are very good at sales. As a result, most technicians have to double as salespeople even if they aren’t very good at it because their employer wants them to do so.

This type of scenario is when video brochures provide an ideal solution. They allow technicians to meet potential customers, listen to what they have to say, say a few words themselves, and then move on to diagnosing the problem they were called out to resolve in the first place. At the same time, while they’re investigating and diagnosing, the home owner can be watching a video on a video brochure and reading other information printed on it to help them feel a greater connection with the company whose representative just arrived to diagnose and hopefully resolve their problem(s). They’ll also feel impressed, an increase in trust, and probably more knowledgable. At that point, making a sale to them should be much easier.

Furthermore, and this is huge, if all decision-makers aren’t present to hear a proposal and reasons why they should hire the company who is there, the video brochure can be left so the other decision-maker(s) can see and hear the messages on it. This way all decision-makers hear messages in more of a first-hand manner, and with how impressive video brochures are, companies who use them this way usually make a lot more sales because of it. Then the video brochures can be picked back the next day or sometime in the near future.

Roofing companies benefit from this type of scenario. So do HVAC companies, lawn care companies, pest control companies, appliance companies, handymen, gutter servicing companies, concrete repair companies, painters…… this list could go on and on.

Why video brochures help technicians make sales

Characteristically, video brochures are practically as good as TV commercials. However, they cost much less and feel more personal. When they get in the hands of prospects at just the right moments, sales tend to happen soon afterwards.

With great success, they peak interest and capture attention. They get treated with more respect and receive more attention than other sales tools, and they’re practically impossible for decision-makers to ignore. Truthfully, as often as one decision-maker who isn’t present to hear a sales pitch nixes a deal when they hear about it later in a second-hand nature, video brochures do a lot to prevent that from happening.

Video brochures are also ideal for helping companies get the most for their marketing dollars. Just by distributing them and keeping them moving through potential customers, companies ensure their videos get seen and their messages get remembered. They also help their salespeople perform much better.

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