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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Video Brochures Make Your Brand Memorable

After people see your video brochures, they won’t be able to keep from remembering your brand.

In good marketing, a major key to success is to have great packaging, which video brochures do. Often, the very beginning of how your message is presented determines how effective it becomes.

Understanding your most likely customers have endless product and service choices available, video brochures will help you get ahead of your competitors.

How video brochures make your brand memorable

Video brochures are cutting edge marketing tools that can be used in a variety of ways. They’re also VERY IMPRESSIVE.

Companies use them all over the world for sales, fundraising, educating, training, recruiting, branding and many other business purposes. They are easily distributed to targeted recipients and are considered the most dynamic and attention grabbing tools needed to give your company an edge.

Video brochures present messages in the most effective way – through the power of videos.

Research indicates people view them as keepable, which means they don’t get thrown away like many marketing pieces, and they often get shared amongst co-workers and decision-makers. In fact, people usually watch them in groups because they are so cool and unique.

Research also indicates they create the best ROI. There aren’t many better ways for companies to boost their brand affordably, and video brochures carry a big stick in the way of perceived value.

5 tips for branding with video brochures

1. Be Sure Your Company Name and Trademark Stand Out

Some brands crowd their company name and trademark with other information. Some simply feel it is more important to describe what their products or services can do, and they overdo it.

Using design that places a company name and trademark in a position where it stands out enhances the recognition of a brand, builds brand loyalty, and helps people remember it. The more people remember your brand, the more business your brand can create.

Design your advertising so your company name and trademark stand out.

2. Use A Memorable Character or Slogan

The primary purpose of a brand is to communicate with consumers.

Brand characters entertain and provide a softer sales approach for a targeted audience. Some of the most memorable brand characters include the Pillsbury Doughboy, Tony the Tiger, Ronald McDonald, Mr. Clean, the Keebler Elves and Flo from Progressive Insurance. Most of their messages show their products or services in use rather than presenting features or ineffectual and intellectual jargon.

Slogans are catchphrases, short statements, or mottos that help make brands recognizable and unforgettable. Most companies who use characters for their brands also use slogans. Some examples include “Just Do It” by Nike, “We Try Harder” by Avis and “They’re Great” by Frosted Flakes.

Most slogans are short so consumers can remember them, and sometimes jingles are highly effective as well.

3. Keep Your Message Consistent Throughout Your Entire Advertising Mix

Advertising alone does not make a brand memorable. Content does.

Content includes all of the benefits, features, slogans and messages a company communicates to consumers. However, to make content memorable, it must remain consistent across an entire advertising mix. A repetitive use of words, images and videos is what builds awareness and makes a company’s brand more memorable.

Use video brochures, which are much less expensive than TV commercials, and get your awesome videos with your branded messages and slogans out there.

4. Get Your Video Brochures In The Hands Of Recipients As Often As Possible

After you’ve spent the time and money necessary to make an awesome video brochure, let it work for you as much as possible. Even with the consistent onslaught of advertising already out there, an eye catching video brochure routinely wins the battle for attention.

Recipients are impressed by them, decision-makers appreciate them, they make it easy to secure follow-up appointments, and they often “sell without selling”.

By keeping your video brochures in circulation with potential customers, you should easily see a boost in revenue.

5. Establish An Online Presence and Use Your Video Brochures To Direct Traffic There

The main reason for companies to have a solid presence online is because their competitors do. Opportunities for increased business can be missed if a company does not have a website or an active presence online.

A solid presence online is a great way to build credibility and educate potential customers about your company and what it has to offer.

In today’s world, a solid presence online is practically essential. Many companies put coupons on their websites for potential customers and promote contests and giveaways to generate interest and build awareness.

After people watch your video brochures, a great place to have them go next is your company website.

Get the best video brochures from MediaFast

By utilizing these 5 tips for branding with video brochures, you will increase the chances of your most likely customers remembering your company and what it has to offer. Then, when they are ready to make purchases, your investment in video brochures should be rewarded.

To learn more about video brochures and how we can help you, contact us today.

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