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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Deloitte.

Video Brochures – Most Powerful Sales Tools Ever

Video brochures combine traditional print marketing with the power videos to form one of the greatest sales tools ever. They’re alluring, impressive, dynamic, and really cool. If you’ve ever experienced one, you know exactly what I mean.

In case you haven’t experienced one, visualize holding a traditional printed brochure in your hands. Then, when you open it, instead of a long written description, there is a state of the art LCD screen that starts playing a video. Companies greatly enhance their messages when they combine the power of videos with conventional print marketing to create a captivating experience. Viewers immediately become more engaged, and messages effectively make a much greater impact.

To reach decision-makers, use video brochures

Often, one of the greatest challenges salespeople face is getting the opportunity to communicate with actual decision-makers. Many decision-makers use “gatekeepers” to screen salespeople, and some simply won’t listen to them unless they initiate the conversation themselves. However, video brochures have proven to help salespeople overcome that challenge.

When a salesperson drops off a video brochure, it tends to get treated like a novelty item. It doesn’t get thrown away or set aside like many other sales tools, and gatekeepers usually get them in the hands of decision-makers pretty quickly. As an added benefit, recipients often watch them in groups because they’re so unique and impressive.

Another advantage video brochures produce is they make it easier for salespeople to secure follow up appointments. Even if a decision-maker doesn’t contact a salesperson soon after receiving their video brochure, they usually want to talk to them when the salesperson returns to pick it up.

In addition to overcoming those challenges, another huge challenge salespeople encounter is getting purchase approval from other decision-makers. For example, many companies are led by multiple owners who make decisions together. Understandably, they require approval from all decision-makers before making purchases but they rarely listen to sales presentations together. Instead, many receive information in a second hand manner and often choose against making purchases because of it. Fortunately, video brochures offer an excellent way to overcome that challenge. On top of that, sometimes the video on the video brochure actually does a better job of presenting the sales pitch.

Video brochures are supremely dynamic

Video brochures are excellent in sales, training, meetings, trade shows, product displays, recruiting, reporting, and sending messages for all sorts of reasons. They’re even fantastic in the waiting rooms of doctors, lawyers, dentists, counselors, accountants, bankers, estheticians, and various other professionals. In practically any setting, video brochures can enhance the environment and present messages in a very entertaining way. To completely understand, this of it like this: While reading a traditional brochure may seem totally unappealing, watching one can actually be pretty fun!

On top of that, video brochures might be at their best when they’re used to help sell high ticket items. Real estate agents, vacation destinations, auto companies, universities and professional service companies have enjoyed great success with video brochures. So have non-profit organizations and fundraising companies.

Also, video brochures are ideal in retail settings. For example, imagine you are shopping for a new mattress and standing in a room full of them on display. You could walk around, read the tags, sit on them, lay of them, and even bounce on them a little. Many will actually feel similar, and there may not be one that stands out above the others as being perfect for you. Then, you notice a video brochure. You pick it up, open it, and a video from a company with several models in the room on display starts playing. It explains the differences in some of the models and gives you information you can use to help make your choice. Because of how helpful their video brochure is, you choose to buy one of their mattresses instead of one from their competitors because they took the initiative to make the entire process easier for you. With video brochures, instances like this happen all the time.

If you’d like to learn more about video brochures or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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