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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Invent Help.

Video Brochures – Sell Without Selling

Passing marketing is an excellent way to “sell without selling”, and in today’s digital world it is commonly being performed with video brochures and other video marketing products.

This more relaxed strategy is helping companies increase their sales volumes substantially.

Video Brochures Benefit All Parties

For salespeople, video brochures and other video marketing products make the sales process more comfortable. They increase confidence and help them feel more relaxed while also making it possible for them to talk less and listen more. With video marketing products doing much of the work, salespeople can act more like consultants.

For prospective buyers, they appreciate salespeople who talk less and listen more. They also appreciate the convenience and low pressure video marketing products offer them during a sales process.

For companies who use videos in sales, videos allow them to maintain control over the presentation of their brand. Video marketing products improve a company’s image and help consumers remember them. Another benefit is that videos engage more senses in viewers and provide a way for companies to sell without salespeople having be involved from start to finish.

Video Brochures “Sell Without Selling”

Passive marketing with video brochures is a highly effective way to make sales. If a salesperson can find a potential buyer who is already aware their company needs what the salesperson is selling, a low pressure approach can be utilized to open and close a deal. Often, that can be done without intimidation or high pressure.

As an added benefit, video brochures routinely shorten a sales process. Feedback indicates they are regularly shared among decision makers and help them make purchasing decisions without having to be sold any longer. Essentially, they sometimes make sales themselves.

In today’s world, videos have become the most effective and affordable way for companies to engage consumers. Research indicates humans remember up to 65% more when audio and visual are combined in videos. With that in mind, traditional forms of print advertising and audio messages simply do not make the same impact as videos.

Video brochures in many ways fulfill the same roles as salespeople. Marketing decisions often determine how successful companies become, and in today’s world where videos play such an important role, having video brochures to leave with potential buyers can help a company maintain an edge over their competitors.

MediaFast Video Brochures Make Sales

If you are interested in the best video brochures, look no further than MediaFast. We only use brand new, Grade A components in all of our products, and our quality is practically unbeatable.

To learn more about using video brochures to “sell without selling”, contact us today.

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