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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Baltimore Country Club.

Video Brochures – The Best Sales Tools

Video brochures have truly become some of the best sales tools companies can use.

As companies try to market themselves with the latest technology, video brochures combine the old with the new. They combine classic printed brochure advertising with videos to produce highly effective marketing that is practically unforgettable.

In 2015, video marketing was a $6.8 billion industry. Since then, video screens have been placed on many different types of advertising to further capitalize on the effectiveness of videos.

Why video brochures are the best sales tools

Video brochures are exactly what they sound like – classic printed brochures with thin, high-quality video screens inside. Their design is custom made to promote a company’s brand while the video screens add digital content to make messages more memorable.

When a video brochure is opened, the video inside comes to life to further interest and engage a viewer much like a TV commercial.

According to companies who use them, video brochures generate the best ROI for their marketing dollars.

Video brochures are customizable

Video brochures can reach the hands of targeted prospects in a variety of forms.

They are available as bi-fold and tri-fold pamphlets and come in a variety of sizes. Screen sizes range from 2.4 to 10.1 inches, and video resolution can be adjusted to accommodate the various sizes. Multiple buttons can also be added to allow users to control the video content.

Video brochures are reusable

For anyone who wants to keep the same video brochure but change the video content, that is not a problem. It can be done simply by following these steps:

  1. Plug the video brochure into a computer using a USB cable.
  2. Locate the “Video” folder, which will usually auto launch depending on the computer setup.
  3. Drag the desired video file into the “video” folder.
  4. Confirm the video file name starts with a number corresponding with the order in which it should play.
  5. Delete any unwanted video files.
  6. Unplug the video brochure from the computer.
  7. Open the video brochure to test the video function.

Note: Video files must be .mp4 or .mov and be formatted for the aspect ratio corresponding with the screen size in the brochure.

Video brochures have many uses

Video brochures can be used for many different purposes. They can promote a brand or showcase products. They can provide general information about a company or be used to relay information for training and education purposes. They can also serve as press kits, presentation aids, or be customized to deliver special messages to employees and customers.

Companies often use them for sales, fundraising, educating, training, recruiting, branding and many other purposes. When companies use video brochures, their brand and messages stand out considerably more.

Simply put, video brochures are exactly the cutting edge tools needed to give companies an edge over their competitors.

The best video brochures come from MediaFast

Designing cost-effective video brochures can be a challenge due to the creativity and range of materials necessary to produce them. When companies get us involved from the very beginning, we often save them valuable time and money.

Our expertise allows us to find effective solutions at affordable prices, and our experience helps us ensure valuable resources aren’t wasted on unachievable concepts.

We only use brand new, Grade A components to make products companies can rely on. We’ve heard horror stories of video marketing products made by other companies failing at the most inopportune moments because they use recycled or refurbished parts, and we do not want that happening with products made by us. We value our clients, and their success matters.

To learn more about MediaFast and the video brochures we offer, contact us today.

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