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This is a MediaFast business card for UDR Welcome Aboard.

Video Business Card Mailed To You

Business cards have been a staple in marketing for decades, but instead of giving out traditional versions, companies have started distributing a newer version – a video business card. A video business card makes both a digital and physical impact. Its initial appearance is like a small glossy, hardcover brochure customized with information about the company who is distributing it. When a recipient opens it and a video plays, it powerfully brings to life who sent it and what they are trying to sell.

Video Business Card Presentation

Imagine one day you receive a package addressed to you. A package automatically receives more attention than regular mail, and when it is addressed to you, it increases curiosity. If you didn’t know it was coming, it increases curiosity even more. When you open the package, inside is a small, neat brochure with a company logo and information. Fairly quickly you realize someone is just trying to advertise to you, but because it can be opened and your curiosity is already peaked, you open it. Suddenly it comes to life delivering a message in the palm of your hand with clear, crisp sound, and a short video that engages more senses than any other business card you’ve ever received. It commands your attention, and you enjoy paying attention to it.

Normally you would file a traditional business card or toss it in the garbage, but with the video business card you don’t even think about doing that. If others haven’t heard the video and joined you in watching it, you feel inspired to share it. They think it is just as cool as you do. Coincidentally, since the person who gave it to you obviously targeted you as someone who would be interested in their products or services, you feel impressed by them more than others who may be trying to earn your business. The video business card just made an impression on you as well as the others with whom you shared it. By sharing it, you probably didn’t realize you just became a marketer for the company who sent it to you. Throwing it away doesn’t even seem like an option.

Video Business Card Advantages

Video in this day and age has proven to be the most effective way for companies to make presentations. People remember 10% of what they hear, 35% of what they see, and 65% of what they see and hear.  As a result, recollection skyrockets when videos are part of a marketing campaign or sales strategy.

Video business cards feel personal. They command attention. They present messages in the most premier way. They drastically increase the chances of a company or brand being remembered. And, viewers don’t need a computer or the internet to watch them. What makes them even more useful is they offer the opportunity to create an audience. People might be oooing and ahhing over them as they are genuinely engaged, and people are inclined to share things that impress them. Compared to a traditional business card, it is easy to understand how a video business card can be so much more effective.

Video Business Card Results

Video brochures and DVDs are being used by companies all over the world to successfully market their products and services. A video business card helps individuals and companies stand out just as profoundly as a video brochure or DVD, and MediaFast can make them at affordable prices. With attractive print design, high quality packaging, and only the best new components used in every piece, MediaFast combines the best of digital and physical qualities to help companies and individuals stand out among their competitors. As a result, a video business card increases exposure, improves perceived value, and helps companies make sales and achieve objectives.

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