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Video Business Cards

Pocket-Sized Video Marketing

This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Vidant Health.

What is a Video Business Card?

A video business card has an LCD screen embedded into a custom-printed paper wrap. They can be customized in a variety of sizes—from small business cards to large video brochures—and they're available in both soft and hardcover varieties. They can also include pockets to hold traditional business cards as well.

What is their

Their purpose is to be hand-delivered to target audiences. As a way to ensure videos get watched, even hard-to-reach decision-makers find them too interesting to ignore. They can also be mailed as video mailers, and they make products, services, opportunities and professionals easier to remember.

Why choose them
for marketing?

By delivering a powerful combination of audio, video and print, video marketing products get past gatekeepers in sales and marketing much more effectively than traditional strategies. Decision-makers share them, and they produce response rates as high as 66%. As a result, ROI with them is outstanding.

Video Business Card Examples


Video business cards are printed with your custom design.

Pockets Can Be Added

Include traditional business cards if you'd like.

No Minimum Order

With us, you can order from one to thousands.

Change Video Content

Change your .MP4, .MOV, or .AVI file (not HEIC or HEVC) at any time.

Video Business Card Videos

Video Business Card Features


Easy to carry, and easy to pass around.
Imagine the surprise on someone's face when you hand them one of these...


With your choice of glossy or matte lamination.
Both are classy, and either one on these should raise your perceived value.


No cords necessary. Just hand them out and let the magic happen.
You know how traditional business cards usually get discarded or tossed somewhere unnoticeable? Yeah, that's not these...


Companies can ensure there is consistency in their messages.
Spoken words can be forgotten, but videos make them more memorable.


Follow an easy process to keep it fresh and reuse them.
Video content is easy to change with a Mac or PC.


Video content can be made for a target audience or individual recipients.
How much more effective will your messages will be in video than just in print?


Video content has a higher watch and response rate.
People simply don't want to read as much anymore, but they'll watch videos.


Just like a cell phone — quick and easy.
All you have to do is plug them in and charge them with the cord that is included.


Go from boring to exciting.
Video business cards are modern marketing that works!

Frequently Asked Questions

Only one (1) is the minimum order with us for any product. Click here to read about MediaFast product pricing.

Follow these steps for a PC:

  1. Plug the video card into a computer using the provided USB-C cable.
  2. If the device doesn’t automatically pop up on the computer screen, locate it in your Windows Explorer and double click to open the “Video” folder.
  3. Locate your video file(s) on your PC and drag the desired video file(s) into the Video folder.
  4. Confirm the video file name starts with a number “01”, “02”, “03”, etc. corresponding with the order in which it should play. If additional file name information is included, a space must follow the number. For example, “01 Video”.
  5. Delete any unwanted video files.
  6. Safely eject the USB device from the computer.
  7. Open the brochure and test the video function.

Yes, and at MediaFast, we do not lock video content when we load it during the manufacturing process. What that means is our customers can change the video content on their units for FREE anytime they want.

.mp4, .mov, and .avi files work in MediaFast video cards. For now, our products won’t work with HEIC (high efficiency image format) or HEVC (high efficiency video coding).

Video Business Cards are made from electronic components, hand assembled, and attached to printed paper, which is then folded into a business card-size brochure.

Yes, they can be plugged in and charged in a simple process just like cell phones and iPads.

While we will give our customers advice and examples, we will not help produce their video content.

Yes. At MediaFast, we have a sister-company called MediaBuk and their specialty is providing generic Video Marketing Products that customers can customize in a simple process.

2 ¼ x 4 inches with a 3-inch HD IPS screen, which renders amazing quality, is our standard Video Business Card size.