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This is a MediaFast video business card for EmergingT.

Video Business Cards Are Much More Effective Than Traditional Ones

Video Business Cards are far more effective than traditional ones. Why? Because they capitalize on the power of videos to create better connections, and they leave a much better impression.

Modern Marketing Tools Provide Great Advantages

First and foremost, Video Business Cards tell others that you and your company are modern. They also spark interest and help what you offer to become more memorable. As a result, when prospective customers want or need what you sell, chances will be higher that they’ll think of you before one of your competitors.

In addition, like Video Brochures, they create other distinct advantages. For example, after watching them, recipients usually feel like they know people and companies highlighted in them better. That results from videos being able to say and show more information in a short period of time, definitely much more than motionless words or images. And by doing so, they create a stronger mental connection, which escalates trust.

10 Advantages Video Business Cards Provide Users:

To be more specific, here is a list of advantages they provide:

  1. They’re extremely classy.
  2. They’re novel.
  3. Recipients regularly show them to others.
  4. They make users much more interesting and memorable.
  5. They make meeting new people less intimidating.
  6. Videos have the ability to say and show more information in less time by utilizing the power of videos.
  7. They help users stand out from their competitors.
  8. They aren’t viewed as throw-away marketing materials.
  9. Video Business Cards provide an increase in perceived value for users and what they sell.
  10. They make follow-up, which is extremely important in sales, feel much easier.

With these and other advantages, it’s easy to see why they’re so much more effective than traditional business cards that don’t include videos. And if that isn’t enough, return on investment with them is outstanding, meaning they’re well worth the money it costs to use them.

Video Business Cards Are More Effective Than Traditional Versions

Video Business Cards help professionals feel more relaxed and confident. As they go about their business, they’re able to talk less and listen more, which most people appreciate. They also regularly benefit from an increase in how often their video messages get seen and heard. Plus, their prospects are able to share their messages with others who influence their decisions in a more impressive manner. And, on a first-hand basis.

Furthermore, prospects typically respond quickly to calls-to-action in them. Essentially, anyone with a product, service, or opportunity to sell should enjoy great benefits from using them. From the feedback we’ve received from our customers, that’s been the case.

To purchase Video Business Cards so your company can benefit from how they’re much more effective than traditional ones, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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