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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for BMW.

Video Business Cards Make A Better Impression

As a way to take your marketing to the next level, video business cards can certainly do the trick. They’re great for breaking the ice when meeting new people, and they make a better impression than traditional business cards.

Video Business Cards Make A Better Impression

When I first started thinking about writing this, the primary advantage that came to mind about video business cards is that they help prospects remember professionals and the companies who use them. Then, when prospective customers want or need what those professionals have to offer, video business cards make it more likely that they’ll be who gets contacted first.

Regarding the impression they make, unless you’ve been off the grid for awhile, you’re probably aware of video brochures and some of the advantages they create. To demonstrate, here is a short video showing them in action.

Video Business Cards Are A Lot Like Video Brochures

Effectively, video business cards are a lot like video brochures. They create many of the same advantages, and after recipients hold and experience them, they tend to feel more interested in working with companies who use them. Traditional business cards without videos simply aren’t able to make such a powerful impact.

To be more specific, here is a brief list of advantages video business cards create:

  • They’re novel, cutting-edge, and extremely classy.
  • They feel more interesting.
  • They make meeting new people easier and less intimidating.
  • They say more in less time by capitalizing on the power of videos.
  • They help professionals and their companies stand out from competitors.
  • They allow messages to get presented impressively and consistently.
  • They’re difficult for recipients to ignore.
  • They receive more attention because recipients typically share them with others.
  • Professionals who use them enjoy an increase in perceived value.
  • They create an ideal reason for follow-up, which is often necessary multiple times in sales.

There are other advantages, but this list covers what I believe to be the most common. To learn more, click the following links: Video Brochure Prices and Video Brochures Simplify Introductions and Follow-Up (video business cards are a lot like video brochures)

Why Video Business Cards Are Awesome

Video business cards help professionals feel more relaxed and confident. They benefit from how often they’re able to talk less and listen more to prospects, which most people appreciate, and they regularly profit from how much more their messages get seen, heard and remembered. Consequently, better results often come from new relationships, and users sometimes feel more interesting to people in their current relationships.

When it comes to getting the attention of targeted prospects, the advantages video business cards create are practically unbeatable. Prospects typically respond better to calls-to-action in them, and the messages they deliver tend to make a greater impression on all parties involved in a decision-making process.

Essentially, anyone who has a product, service, or opportunity to sell can benefit substantially from distributing video business cards. ROI with them is outstanding, and by capitalizing on the power of videos, users put themselves in position to enjoy greater success.

To learn more about video business cards or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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