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This is a MediaFast video brochure, video mailer, and video business cards for Lumenis Service.

Video Business Cards Will Take Your Marketing To The Next Level

To take your marketing to the next level, Video Business Cards will make it happen. They’ll put the power of videos to work for you. They’re also wonderful for breaking the ice when making new connections. Plus, they leave a much better impression than traditional business cards.

Take Your Marketing To The Next Level With Video Business Cards

More than anything, Video Business Cards tell prospective customers that you and your company are modern. They’ll also make you more interesting and memorable, which means as soon as they need or want what you offer, the chances of them calling you before your competitors will be much higher.

Essentially, these cutting edge marketing products are smaller versions of Video Brochures. In case you aren’t familiar with them, here is a short video showing them in action.

Video Business Cards Are Very Similar To Video Brochures

Like Video Brochures, Video Business Cards create huge advantages. For example, after recipients experience them, they usually feel more interested in working with professionals who use them because they feel like they know them better. Why? Because videos can say and show a lot more than written text or motionless images in a short period of time. As a result, they create stronger mental connections, and trust escalate.

To be more specific, here is a brief list of advantages Video Business Cards have over traditional business cards:

  • Video Business cards are extremely classy.
  • They’re novel.
  • Recipients regularly show them to others.
  • They make professionals who use them much more interesting.
  • They make meeting new people less intimidating.
  • Videos have the ability to say and show more information in less time by capitalizing on the power of videos.
  • They help users stand out from competitors.
  • They’re practically impossible for recipients to ignore.
  • They aren’t viewed as throw-away marketing materials.
  • Professionals who use them and their companies benefit from an increase in perceived value.
  • They make the act of following-up feel easier because they’re a natural conversation-starter.

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Video Business Cards Boost Confidence

Video Business Cards help professionals feel more relaxed and confident as they go about their business. Effectively, they’re able to talk less and listen more, which most people appreciate, and they regularly benefit from an increase in how often their messages get seen, heard and remembered.

When it comes to connecting with targeted prospects, the advantages they create are practically unbeatable. Prospects typically respond quickly to calls-to-action in them, and the messages they deliver tend to make a greater impression on decision-makers.

Essentially, anyone who has a product, service, or opportunity to sell will benefit substantially from using them instead of traditional business cards. On top of that, ROI with them is outstanding, and by capitalizing on the power of videos, users put themselves in position to enjoy greater success.

To purchase Video Business Cards so your company can take its marketing to the next level, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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