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Video Mailers

Best Way To Send Video Brochures

Using video brochures is an excellent way to create opportunities and increase revenue.

Companies have been using video brochures with great success for sales, marketing, fundraising, branding, recruiting, educating and training among other purposes.

Now, with the eye-catching packaging boxes we offer, MediaFast provides a complete mailing solution so companies can distribute their video brochures in an even more classy and effective way.


Benefits of Using Video Mailers

  1. The presentation will be remarkably better.
  2. Your company brand will be the main focus for the recipient.
  3. Your video brochure will not arrive in branded packaging from another company like Fed Ex, UPS, or the USPS.
  4. For the recipient, the experience will be a lot like receiving a present.
  5. Your company’s perceived value will be much higher.
  6. Product samples can be included in the packages.
  7. You will get a higher open and response rate for your video brochures.
  8. Video mailers will help ensure your company gets remembered.

Success Story

Cornerstone OnDemand is one of our clients. To gain new customers, their marketing strategy is geared toward setting up appointments for their salespeople so they can demonstrate their software and explain the benefits of using their services.

Recently, they split tested their marketing strategy to see if MediaFast video mailers would produce better results than their traditional strategy of mailing print materials and following up with phone calls.

The results weren’t even close. They received a much higher response from the video mailers and were able to set up many more appointments for their salespeople. It is safe to say, they are very happy with the results they achieved using MediaFast video mailers.


Video Mailers are the best way to send video brochures.

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