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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Meal-Pro Carts.

Video Mailers Are Revolutionary Advertising and Marketing Products

As effective as they are, Video Mailers are revolutionary advertising and marketing products. Companies use them to help their brand stand out, and the results our customers report after using them are outstanding.

How To Determine Your Advertising and Marketing Strategy

Because advertising and marketing play a fundamental role in whether companies succeed, the strategies they use are extremely important.

With that said, when we talk to businesses about their advertising and marketing goals, most of them tell us what they really want is to achieve top-line revenue. Some also say they want to add new team members, grow into a new market, or launch a new product or service.

With those options in mind, to be the most effective, they first need to define their goal. Then, to increase their chances of success, they need to ensure everything their marketing team does aligns with that goal and determine ways to keep track.

Once that has happened, the next step is to determine who their target audience is. And here’s a hint — it can’t be “everyone” — and here’s why. If the main message isn’t specific enough, it runs the risk of not influencing anyone enough to make a strong enough impact. On the other hand, by clearly identifying the age, gender, background, and interests of their target audience, they’ll be able to produce more effective content specifically directed at them, which should perform better.

And finally, the last step is to determine what strategy they’ll use. If it’s multiple strategies, that’ll be fine too. Just know this — from experience, we highly recommend using videos. We also highly recommend using Video Marketing Products to help ensure your videos get watched by your targeted prospects. To learn more, click this link: How To Engage Targeted Prospects So They’ll Respond

Video Mailers Boost Revenue

Video Mailers provide a unique combination of traditional print advertising with modern video marketing to help companies make sales.

Soon after distributing them, whether they take advantage of our mailing solution or they mail them themselves, our customers have reported an increase in revenue for several years now. This is because they’re innovative, attention-grabbing, and impressive. Recipients can’t resist opening and watching the videos in them, and the heightened perceived value they deliver makes a difference as well. Because of this, business owners and marketers rave about their effectiveness, and salespeople love them.

From a financial perspective, marketing strategies need to produce qualified leads for companies to justify using them. If they don’t, they’re basically throwing money away. Fortunately, Video Mailers warm up leads and convert them into paying customers because calls-to-action in them get responded to more often. Then discussions take place, and sales cycles become shorter.

Furthermore, marketing and advertising impact revenue so much that they determine how long most companies remain in business. As a necessity, it’s common for them to spend thousands of dollars on websites, Google ads, print advertising, SEO, social media, and other forms of marketing and advertising year after year, all the while hoping they produce acceptable results. If they don’t, it can be devastating.

To avoid disappointment, using videos in advertising and marketing has proven to increase return on investment. Video Mailers are highly effective at getting targeted prospects to watch them, and this is why our customers rave about them. In other words, when it comes to engaging a target audience, rarely ever has there been a marketing product that has performed better.

How Video Mailers Help Companies Make Sales

Over the past few years, Video Brochures and Video Mailers have become extremely popular. Companies have discovered they’re like doubling or tripling their sales staff. Likewise, recipients are so responsive to them that users wish they would have started using them sooner.

Here’s what tends to happen. As soon as they’re received, they’re practically impossible for targeted prospects to ignore. The impressive, HD IPS quality video and sound that greets recipients when they open them blows them away. Then they can’t resist showing them to others, and everyone remembers them because of the WOW Factor they produce, which is far better than any other advertising and marketing products they’ve ever seen.

In case you aren’t familiar with them, here is a short video of one of these cutting-edge marketing products in action:

Case Study: Maserati, Bentley, Mercedes, BMW

These automobile companies turned to us with the goal of strengthening brand loyalty with their current lease customers. Rather than let them shop around, they wanted to be proactive in encouraging them to remain with them before their current leases ended. What resulted was a highly successful campaign.

Initially, they had us send hundreds of their Video Mailers out to their targeted prospects. The messages in them featured current product offerings, special deals, and an overall appeal that was highly impressive. Then, after experiencing so much success getting the recipients to sign new leases, they’ve happily continued using this strategy and are a great example of why other companies should as well.

Get The Best Video Mailers From MediaFast

By providing the most effective Video Marketing Products, we help companies save valuable time and money. We only use brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality, and customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

If you need help understanding how to use them, we can help. If you need help distributing them, we can do that too. All the while, you’ll get to remain focused on what you do best. Then, when the qualified leads come in, you’ll be ready to close them.

To purchase Video Mailers so you can enjoy the benefits of them being the most effective advertising and marketing products, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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