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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Grossman Law Offices.

Video Mailers Are Rockstars When It Comes To Selling Legal Services

After changing their marketing strategy, Grossman Law discovered Video Mailers are highly effective at selling legal services. Not only did they help them capitalize on the power of videos, but the accident victims they targeted appreciated their new-age communication. Also, because of their success, they were able to retire their older marketing methods and benefit from using a strategy that produces a much higher return on investment. Kudos to them for making the change.

Video Marketing Makes The Sale Of Legal Services Easier

While the Coronavirus has changed the way law firms operate, it has also changed the way modern consumers purchase legal services. Video communication is now more common in the absence of in-person meetings, and from what it seems, this will continue somewhat even as the world opens back up.

With that said, as a consumer, I can honestly say that I’d rather watch a video to learn about something I’m considering purchasing than read a traditional brochure or pamphlet about it. Why? Because videos feel more appealing. They allow for more information to be said and shown in a short period of time, and they feel more trustworthy. I also appreciate the connection they create between presenters and viewers since it helps the decision-making process feel easier.

Be that as it may, it’s easy to understand how videos help law firms sell their services. For instance, most accident victims feel stressed with the sudden interruption and new responsibilities that accidents add to their lives. They also usually need someone with knowledge and experience to help them. More often than not, they turn to people who understand what they’re going through and communicate with them in a way they understand without it feeling like work. Videos accomplish that, and when they’re sent directly to the attention of targeted prospects in Video Marketing Products like Video Mailers, they’re even more appreciated.

Video Mailer In Action

In case you aren’t familiar with them, here is a video of a Video Mailer in action. Notice how its package is customized for the advertiser. Instead of showing branding from the USPS, UPS, or FedEx, it’s all about them. Also, notice how the charging cord gets included. It basically makes a Video Brochure as easy to recharge as a cell phone. Plus, the video content is easy to change, meaning they’re reusable. To learn more about this simple process, click this link: How To Change Video Content

Case Study: Grossman Law and Video Mailers

Located in Dallas, Texas, Grossman Law is more than just a personal injury law firm. While their wrongful death attorneys have won thousands of cases for their clients, they also believe their responsibility goes far beyond getting them a big check. On top of that, they understand that they’re usually meeting people soon after the worst thing that’s probably ever happened to them has happened. Because of it, they want more than just an attorney. They want someone who will listen attentively. Treat them with empathy and respect. And guide them toward a successful resolution of their legal dilemma.

Regarding how they obtain clients, when the traditional marketing materials they were using became less effective, their decision-makers decided they wanted a more modern approach — one that included videos, and one that was highly likely to draw a response more effectively than emails. Fortunately, they chose a direct mail piece from MediaFast and the results were even better than they expected.

Effectively, their hard cover Video Mailer built trust and rapport with the personal injury victims they targeted. The 5” HD/IPS screen and interior pocket that included additional literature communicated with them in an appealing manner, and the video testimonials from victims expressing their gratitude and satisfaction for having chosen to be represented by Grossman Law contributed to an increase in sales as well.

Needless to say, after experiencing those results, Grossman Law made Video Mailers from MediaFast a permanent part of their marketing campaigns.

Why Video Mailers Succeed At Selling Legal Services

Videos have increasingly helped companies sell products, services, and opportunities for many years now. Here is a brief list of reasons why:

  • People don’t read as much anymore.
  • Videos make consuming information feel less like work than reading or listening.
  • By combining images with sound and motion, videos can say and show a lot of information quickly.
  • People remember more of what they see and hear than only what they see or only what they hear.
  • Videos stir emotions, which helps them make a stronger impact.
  • By increasing the mental connection viewers feel toward presenters, videos effectively shorten sales cycles.
  • Companies have an easier time maintaining control over how their messages get presented in videos.
  • Videos are easy for decision-makers to share with others who influence their decisions.
  • Consumers are 73% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video about something they’re already considering buying.

With that said, videos sometimes do their best work when companies mail them in Video Mailers to prospects who are hard to reach. Basically, they’re impossible to ignore. They also have a very high open-and-response rate, and since many companies rely on revenue from sales to stay in business, that’s how they are the key to their success.

After reading this, if you’d like to purchase Video Mailers so your company can experience how effectively they sell legal services, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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