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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Stansberry Research.

Video Mailers Are Superstars At Selling Investment Advisory Services

Just like when promoting most products, services and opportunities, Video Mailers are superstars at selling investment advisory services. For marketers, that’s a good thing. They also look like brilliant strategists when they use them, which is what the marketing department at Stansberry Research learned. And with the success they produced, that accolade was deserved.

The Competitive Business Of Investment Advisory Services

When searching for financial advisors, it’s common for consumers to find options ranging from automated investment management services called robo-advisors to traditional, in-person advisors. There are also online financial advisors and planning services who offer many of the same services… but at lower fees.

Among them, the best ones have no outside incentives, which allows them to put the interests of their clients first. Because of this, their clients get the peace of mind of knowing their advisor is only in it for them. Then, whether there is market volatility or they have major life changes, they can feel confident their advisor will only do what is best for them instead of some other motivation.

With that said, the fees for their services add up quickly. Most financial advisors make good wages, and the more clients they have, the more money they make. The more money they make, the easier it is to make even more money. However, often the greatest challenge is getting enough clients with large sums of money to use in their investment pools. To overcome that challenge, Video Mailers provide an excellent solution.

Why Video Mailers Sell Investment Advisory Services Well

Videos have helped companies sell products, services, and opportunities for many years now with amazing results. Here’s why:

  • People don’t read as much anymore.
  • Consumers are 73% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video about something they’re already considering buying.
  • Videos are easy for decision-makers to share with others who influence their decisions.
  • Videos make consuming information feel easier than reading or listening.
  • By combining images with sound and motion, videos can say and show more information in less time.
  • People remember more of what they see and hear than what they only see or hear.
  • Videos stir emotions to make a greater impact.
  • Videos enable companies to maintain control over how their messages get presented.

In addition, videos do extraordinary work when salespeople mail them in Video Mailers to prospects who are hard to reach. In a nutshell, they’re basically impossible to ignore. They also have a very high open-and-response rate. For many companies, that’s how they are the key to their marketing success.

Video Mailer In Action

In case you aren’t familiar with Video Mailers, here is one in action. As you can see, there is plenty of room for the best of print along with new-age video marketing.

Follow-Up After Sending Video Mailers Is Often Easy

If you’re in sales, using Video Mailers to engage your target audience is extremely productive. We’ve had clients report ROI far greater than they ever imagined after using them. Because of it, they’re a new-age marketing strategy that is hard to beat.

Essentially, a well-planned, short video being included makes an interesting, credible introduction. Then the product, service or opportunity demonstration resonates better, and your marketing will be more effective because of it.

On top of that, Video Mailers win the battle for attention when competing against other marketing media. They easily outperform traditional flyers and printed brochures, and recipients usually can’t resist giving them loads of attention. Then they show them to others who influence their decisions, and responses soon follow.

Furthermore, for recipients who don’t respond right away, follow-up tends to go very well. Their memory for what they were sent is normally high, and most say the reason they haven’t responded already is because they’ve just been busy. Otherwise, they planned to get to it soon.

Case Study From Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research premium services cover a wide range of investment strategies. Their aim is to bring their subscribers the safest, most profitable investment ideas in the world, no matter what’s happening in the markets, and they’ve performed with excellence for many years now.

Regarding their marketing, they decided about four years ago they wanted to improve the response rates they were getting from their usual print marketing campaigns. To make that happen, they researched Video Marketing Products and chose to collaborate with us on Video Mailers. Why? Because they believed they would give them their best chance to get the results they wanted, and they understood they would give their marketing a more modern feel. Then they conducted a split test using 1,000 of their previous print marketing materials versus 1,000 of the Video Mailers to see how their performance would compare.

Initially, the results showed a 79.4% higher response rate for the Video Mailers. To confirm this, they conducted the same test two more times and got similar results. Following that success, they transitioned to only using Video Marketing Products in 2018 and have continued using them ever since.

We have worked with Sandie, Bill and the MediaFast team since the middle of 2017 when we first tested their video brochure mailer against our control creative for one of our long standing multi-channel direct mail campaigns. Their video brochure outperformed our control increasing orders by a 79.4% – the return on investment we’ve seen from partnering with MediaFast goes well beyond just numbers – their team is professional, fantastic to work with and goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service and excellence in the unique products they create. We love working with MediaFast and look forward to many more years of working with them. They are truly seen as partners and we value the teamwork atmosphere that makes MediaFast the very best.Jen Plack, Vice President of Direct Mail and Customer Retention

To purchase Video Mailers so your company can benefit from how well they sell investment advisory services, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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