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This is a MediaFast Video Box for Precision Flight Controls.

Video Mailers Beat Direct Mail Every Time

Video Mailers beat direct mail in marketing every time. You know that hope you have that your prospects will try your product(s) or service(s) and then compare what they experience to your competitors because you firmly believe what you sell is better? Well, our customers have done that… both with other forms of direct mail and with Video Marketing Products made by other companies. Ours win time and time again.

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Testimonials Describing Quality and Performance

Testimonials have the power to boost sales significantly. If you’re like us, they’re what you hope to find when you do a Google search on something to help you make a purchasing decision.

With that said, we’d like to share with you some testimonials our clients have given us after using our Video Brochures, Mailers and Boxes.

“Mediafast is a fantastic company to work with! When I was researching video brochures I looked at a number of companies in the marketplace and am very glad I chose MediaFast! They are reliable and create high quality video brochures. The brochures work great, look great and are really well done. They have helped take my wealth management business to the next level. I highly recommend the MediaFast team!” — C. Kirsner

“Killer product. There’s many options out there and I think you get what you pay for. I was able to get all the fine details dialed in from frame rate to design parameters exactly how we wanted them. Our video mailers have been a home run with everyone who sees them. Smooth process from start to finish. Highly recommend.” — S. Holland

“Barbara and the MediaFast team have done an amazing job with all the video books they created for us. Our advisors have dramatically increased their sales due to utilizing these video books! Placing another order today…” — A. Thorpy

“Our video mailers were so successful we worried it was “lightning”, so we tested them again. We’ve continued to test them for 3 years and have determined we’ve found ‘lightning in a bottle.’ We have no intention of stopping!” — K. Warren

Video Testimonial From One Of Our Clients

Why Video Mailers Beat Direct Mail Every Time

In today’s digital world, it’s hard to imagine success in marketing without videos being a key component in any strategy. Why? Because consumers respond more favorably to them than most other forms of communication, and they can be used to advertise practically any type of business.

With that said, here are reasons why videos provide modern marketing at its best.

  • People don’t like to read much anymore. If given the choice between reading product descriptions or watching short videos about them, which would you pick? That’s an easy choice if they present the same information, right?
  • Videos feel more trustworthy to consumers. By combining images with sound and motion, videos can show products, services and opportunities being displayed in actual circumstances. Also, for most people, it’s easier to believe what they see and hear versus what they only read.
  • They increase sales. According to Wyzowl’s video marketing survey of 2020, 80% of businesses found that videos directly helped them increase sales.
  • Videos produce high ROI. Videos improve conversions, increase sales and boost brand awareness better than practically all other forms of marketing.
  • They attract high amounts of traffic to websites. More than anything, YouTube can be thanked for making videos so popular with consumers. For instance, statistics show that the average person watches YouTube videos for about 8.4 minutes per day. As a result, it’s easy to understand why consumers simply expect companies to have them.

After disclosing that, it’s important to point out that the key to success with videos is making sure they’re watched by the right people. In marketing, the “right people” are easily described as most-likely-customers. To help ensure that happens, Video Mailers enable companies to send theirs directly to their targeted prospects. And by using the power of videos, they work extremely well.

Video Mailers In Action

By the slim chance you aren’t familiar with them, here are a few short clips showing HD Video Mailers in action.

Video Mailers Will Get Your Videos Watched By Your Target Audience

What if you knew the perfect way to ensure your company’s TV commercial would get watched by your best prospects? Okay — I know. Your company would have to have a TV commercial for you to make that happen… If it does, great! If it doesn’t, let’s make believe it does for just a bit.

Better yet, imagine if you could make it so appealing that they couldn’t resist watching it. Even better — imagine if they would hold it in their hands while it played, practically ensuring they’d give it their full attention. And — even better part 2 — imagine if they were so captivated by it that they’d show it to others who influence their purchasing decisions.

That’d be awesome, right? Well, that’s what HD Video Mailers do, and they’ve been doing so for close to a decade now.

To summarize, they’re irresistible. They make marketers who use them look brilliant. ROI and ROE with them is fantastic, and they get responded to far more often than other forms of marketing and advertising. Wouldn’t you love for your main marketing strategy to be described like that?

Get Excellent Video Mailers From MediaFast

At MediaFast, we’ve seen how capitalizing on the power of videos will produce excellent marketing results.

The main reason for their success is that videos are simply more appealing to consumers. Also, decision-makers seek them out when trying to make purchasing decisions, which basically means they’re often the best way to engage them.

So, why do we say ours are excellent? Because only use brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality. Also, customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we consistently give our clients the greatest value for the money they spend with us. Plus, we provide a full one-year warranty.

In addition, we send FREE samples to our prospects who request them. The reason is because we want our potential customers to experience the superior quality that our products deliver. Then, when they compare our offerings to our competitors, it’s easier for them to understand that the price difference between high quality and low quality versions isn’t always significant. However, there is a significant difference in customer satisfaction.

After reading this, if you’d like to use Video Mailers so your company can benefit from how handily they beat direct mail, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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