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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Discover the Magic.

Video Mailers – Best Way To Send Video Brochures

Video mailers are another name people have given to video brochures. There are many excellent ways to use video brochures, and now with our packaging, they’re even more classy to mail.

The benefits of using video mailers

Over the past few years, video brochures have become increasingly popular. Companies claim they receive the best ROI with them, and they’re dynamic enough to be used for both personal and business reasons.

With great success, companies have used them for sales, marketing, fundraising, branding, recruiting, educating and training among other purposes. In fact, by using video brochures, companies claim they’ve saved thousands of dollars on travel expenses. They also say they’ve experienced the benefits of improved motivation and moral within their personnel in many departments (not just in sales), as well as many other benefits.

Now, with the eye-catching packaging boxes we offer, we provide a complete mailing solution so companies can distribute their video brochures in an even more classy way.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • The presentation for the recipient is much better.
  • Your video brochure does not arrive in branded packaging from another company like Fed Ex, UPS, or the USPS.
  • Your company brand is on the packaging box.
  • The experience is a lot like receiving a present for the recipient.
  • The perceived value of your company seems much higher.
  • There is room for product samples to be included.
  • Our clients report a higher open and response rate when using our packaging boxes.

With these benefits, companies who use video brochures can benefit from them even more by sending video mailers from MediaFast.

Recent success stories with video mailers

We’ve heard a lot of success stories from our clients over the years. We don’t print them as often as we could, but here are a few we’ve decided to share in this post.

Cornerstone OnDemand is one of our clients and they help organizations recruit, train and manage their personnel. They work with hundreds of the world’s largest companies and thousands of smaller ones to help them engage their workforces and empower their people. Cornerstone OnDemand’s software impacts every aspect of their client’s employee experiences by helping people make their best work even better, which ultimately leads to better business results.

To gain new clients, their marketing strategy is geared toward setting up appointments so their salespeople can demonstrate Cornerstone OnDemand software and explain the benefits of using their services.

Recently, they split tested their marketing strategy to see if MediaFast video mailers would produce better results than their traditional strategy of mailing print materials and following up with phone calls. From what they reported, the results weren’t even close. They received a much higher response from the video mailers and were able to set up many more appointments for their salespeople. It is safe to say, they are very happy with the results they received from using MediaFast video mailers.

Another recent success story is from the marketing company who works for the Susan B. Anthony List of organizations. They sent out 1,000 video mailers in an effort to receive donations, and here is what they told us: “Using MediaFast video mailers produced the best success we’ve ever had for a fund raiser. In fact, one video mailer alone brought in a $100,000 donation.”

We have many other success stories we could share, but the endings are the same. Video mailers are by far outproducing other marketing strategies, and we’re thrilled to hear about the excellent results our clients are experiencing.

Video mailers – best way to send video brochures

Most companies who use video brochures have already experienced the reasons why many other companies should be using them as well. They’re awesome in the truest sense of the word.

To make them even more effective, video mailers are perfect for the job. They grab attention, increase brand awareness, and improve open and response rates practically like nothing else in marketing has ever done. Furthermore, the best part is they help ensure your video brochure gets watched, which for recipients is practically like holding your TV commercial in their hands.

To learn more about our MediaFast video brochures and/or video mailers, contact us today.

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