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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for F&I Pro.

Video Mailers Break Through Direct Mail Clutter

Even in today’s digital world, companies still invest thousands of dollars in direct mail marketing to reach their most likely customers. One of the best ways we’ve seen to achieve the most success is to use video mailers. They’re video brochures sent in very classy, custom packaging to targeted prospects, and the success companies have been having with them is outstanding.

Here are some examples:

Video mailers break through direct mail clutter

Due to the internet, people can now shop and purchase just about anything they want or need online. Essentially, the world has changed because of how much people can communicate without ever leaving their home or office.

As with anytime technology has made a drastic change in the world, companies had to keep up with the modern ways in which the world began doing business. Instead of companies relying greatly on printed mail pieces to communicate their advertisements and offers to their most likely customers, they began using email instead. However, it didn’t take long before people grew tired of email marketing and spam email folders began capturing those types of marketing messages.

In response, companies reverted back to direct mail marketing somewhat and added videos and social media to their strategies. Anytime video content is included in marketing, it instantly becomes more appealing. On top of that, pay-per-click and social media marketing allow companies to target specific audiences who fit the profiles of people most likely to be interested in purchasing what they are selling. Then, about four years ago, video brochures burst onto the scene. The idea of putting them into custom packaging and mailing them to targeted prospects was absolutely brilliant, and exceptional results have been enjoyed ever since.

What makes video mailers so great is they are revolutionary marketing tools used to help brands stand out from the millions of other direct mail pieces people find in their mailboxes. On top of all of that, they’re more affordable than many people think and ROI with them is outstanding.

The status of direct mail today

According to recent direct mail statistics from the Data & Marketing Association:

“The numbers are in, and the message is clear: print is impactful, interesting and POWERFUL.

Customer response rates increased year-over-year by an impressive 43%, but prospect response rates more than doubled – reporting an astounding 190% increase! So it’s no wonder that for brands that have never mailed before are finding it a viable medium for both their retention and acquisition efforts.

In a digitally-dominated world, how could this happen?

The big change is an increase in mailings paired with digital intelligence – browsing behavior and sophisticated modeling based on preferences make mailings extra timely and relevant.

By testing neuro-marketing research in direct mail, we’ve found that three things ring true:

  1. The power of direct mail results from a physical and tangible medium making content more intuitively navigable.
  2. Having touch as part of the marketing experience helps shift the brain into a deeper level of engagement while building knowledge, which facilitates better mental mapping of information.
  3. Consumers understand and remember what they read on paper better than what they read on a screen because reading on paper drains fewer of our cognitive resources.

They go on to say:

  • According to the research, all age groups are interested in receiving and responding to mail.
  • For ages 18-21, response rates doubled in 2016!
  • Direct marketers face interesting challenges in communicating with unique age segments requiring specific content that meets their generational need.

In another section of their website it was revealed that 42% of those who receive direct mail either read or skim it. That means nearly half of all target audiences pay attention to it. At the same time, advertisements posted online or sent through e-mail only have approximately a 14% clickthrough rate. Hands down, direct mail wins.

Why your company should use video mailers

Video mailers offer the best of traditional print marketing combined with new age video marketing to deliver twice the appeal.

For recipients, holding a video brochure is like holding a TV commercial in their hands. Video mailers may actually be the very best way for companies to ensure their videos get watched by their most likely customers, and ROI with them is reportedly outstanding.

As an added benefit, recipients regularly share video brochures with co-workers and other decision-makers, making them even more helpful for salespeople. With that, there aren’t many better sales tools in existence.

To learn more about direct mail or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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