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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for aetna.

Video Mailers – Brilliant Use of Video Brochures

Video mailers are a clever way to use video brochures. They help messages reach targeted prospects and they’re impressive to recipients.

When received, they’re practically impossible to ignore. They separate themselves from more traditional forms of marketing the very moment someone finds one in their mailbox or laying on their desk, and that is one of the greatest benefits of using them.

Then, when a recipient removes a video brochure from the custom packaging of the mailer and naturally opens it, they’re greeted by a video presenting a message they’re already interested in hearing. The feeling of novelty is strong at that point, and the power of video quickly works its magic for the sender. Can a marketing strategy get any better?

The power of video in video mailers

Video is the new king in marketing. It provides visual impact, simplicity and immediacy for viewers. It also takes less effort to watch while engaging more senses, which boosts its effectiveness, and people enjoy videos.

Furthermore, feedback indicates people respond better to what they see and hear in videos. When real personalities deliver messages that help viewers solve their problems or make their lives better, the rewards are beneficial for both parties.

In the digital age we live in, companies who want to get ahead or at least keep pace with their competitors should use videos. Leaders in most industries are usually companies who rely on the power of video for many different purposes, and the younger generation seems to be paying less and less attention to old school tactics designed to reach them. Effectively, video has become the dominant viewing platform of choice.

According to Hubspot, approximately 75% of executives watch at least one work-related video per week. Decision-makers want information about ways to help their companies fast, and even though they’re willing to do research, companies who make information about themselves conveniently available in videos effectively make themselves more appealing.

In a nutshell, video mailers provide an excellent way for companies to create opportunities and increase revenue. Video brochures have been used with great success for sales, marketing, fundraising, branding, recruiting, educating, training, and many other purposes for several years now, and video mailers are a brilliant way to distribute them.

Video mailers increase the chances people will watch your videos

Unlike with other media platforms, video mailers have the ability to place videos directly into the hands of targeted prospects. When placed on a website or included in an email, there isn’t a guarantee people will actually watch videos that get sent to them. However, even though video mailers don’t have the power to guarantee it will happen, they substantially increase its chances.

Moreover, feedback indicates video mailers help recipients feel valued, acknowledged, and impressed. They also increase brand loyalty when sent to current customers, and recipients commonly share them with co-workers and other decision-makers making them even more effective. For that reason alone, they’re well worth the money.

Interestingly, video brochures give recipients the same kind of thrill they might have felt when their favorite TV show came on when they were kids. The combination of traditional print advertising with new age video presentation renders twice the appeal of most other marketing tactics, and the joy we hear about the results from customers who use them gives us great satisfaction.

To ensure your company’s videos get watched, there may not be a better strategy. Feedback indicates video brochures produce great ROI, and it would be impossible for us to recommend them anymore than we do.

To learn more about video mailers, video brochures or any of our other marketing products, contact us today.

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