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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for CBN.

Video Mailers Get The Right People To Watch Your Videos

Video mailers are highly effective at getting the right people to watch your videos. For recipients, they’re practically impossible to ignore, and they separate themselves from more traditional forms of marketing the very moment they’re placed on someone’s desk or in their mailbox.

Why Video Mailers Are So Effective

By now you’ve probably heard of video brochures. They combine new age video content with the best of traditional brochures to help companies engage and impress targeted prospects. They deliver a WOW factor unlike any other marketing pieces, and companies who use them have been enjoying great ROI for several years now. To learn more, click: What Video Brochures Do Better Than Other Marketing Products

Essentially, video mailers turn video brochures into direct mail marketing pieces. As effective as video brochures are when handed directly to targeted prospects or left with receptionists at their offices, not all prospects are close enough in proximity to make that happen. Also, some prospects have “gatekeepers” who screen them from marketing materials and salespeople who try to contact them. In those cases, video mailers provide a perfect solution to get past those obstacles.

Conveniently, because video mailers are so unique and impressive, they tend to get more attention from mailroom clerks as well as executive assistants and secretaries who screen marketing materials for decision-makers. Rather than setting them aside or even throwing them away like they do some marketing materials, they usually can’t wait to show the boss what cool marketing piece just arrived. Then, when executives get them in their hands, they usually can’t resist the urge to share them with co-workers and other decision-makers as well because they’re just blown away. Then, after watching them several times while showing them around, they usually contact the company who mailed the video brochure to them to set up a meeting, conference call, or make a purchase.

Essentially, video mailers are so effective because they combine classy, attention-grabbing design with cutting-edge technology to help messages receive more attention than traditional forms of marketing. Without video content, traditional marketing materials simply don’t excite and impress recipients the way video mailers do.

Video Mailers Get The Right People To Watch Your Videos

For viewers, videos provide visual impact, simplicity, and immediacy to satisfy their desires for entertainment and knowledge they can consume quickly. Videos also engage more senses and feel like they take less effort to watch, which makes them more appealing, and people looking to learn about products or services often prefer them over reading motionless content or listening to audio messages without images in motion.

In today’s world, companies who use videos to communicate amongst themselves and with prospects tend to do better because of it. The younger generation seems to pay less attention to traditional forms of communication, and watching videos definitely seems to be their preferred way to consume information.

Interestingly, according to Review 42, 65% of executives visit a vendor’s website and 39% actually call them after watching a video about a product or service they offer. Decision-makers regularly seek out videos to learn about strategies, opportunities, products and services to help their businesses improve, and companies who use videos to show their most likely customers what they have to offer are considered more appealing than their competitors.

What makes video mailers so effective is they truly help videos get watched by the prospects companies value the most. The combination of traditional print media with new age video content renders twice the appeal of almost all other marketing materials, and ROI with them is reportedly outstanding.

To learn more about video mailers, video brochures, or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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