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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for SI Works.

Video Mailers Get Your Target Audience To Call You Back

To get your target audience to call you back, Video Mailers provide an outstanding solution. In addition to being more interesting to recipients, they’re surprisingly affordable, making return on investment with them better than almost all other forms of advertising and marketing.

Your Company Will Make More Sales With Video Mailers

For several years now, our customers have reported an increase in sales soon after distributing Video Mailers. This is because they’re modern, attention-grabbing, and extremely impressive. It’s also because they’re highly effective at getting target audiences to watch videos. When it comes to peaking their interest, it’s hard to think of a marketing product that has performed better.

From a financial perspective, it’s important for companies to get qualified leads from their marketing tactics. To make that happen, sending Video Mailers is a proven way to warm up leads and convert them into paying customers.

To be more specific, here are 10 of their greatest benefits:

  1. Distributing Video Mailers is less expensive than paying for travel and daily expenses for salespeople.
  2. They provide a highly efficient way to reach a target audience.
  3. Video Mailers get more attention than most other direct mail pieces because of their unique features.
  4. A message in a Video Mailer is more interesting than a traditional marketing piece.
  5. Executives who receive them rarely ever set them aside.
  6. Video Mailers arrive in packaging that only includes branding from the company who sent it so they receive all of the focus instead of branding from another shipping company.
  7. Executives commonly share them with others who influence their decisions.
  8. Since the sender thought highly enough to send them such an impressive, cutting-edge marketing piece, recipients feel more valued.
  9. The perceived value of companies who send Video Mailers escalates in the eyes of prospects.
  10. Video Mailers allow companies to maintain more control over how their marketing messages get presented.

Considering these benefits, it’s easy to see how Video Mailers help companies make more sales. They definitely accomplish the goals of advertising and marketing. They also open doors that might otherwise have never opened.

Video Mailers Will Get Your Prospects To Call You Back

In sales and marketing, videos are the magic ingredient. They increase open and response rates to emails, online content, and Video Marketing Products. They also help companies stand out from competitors. Since consumers now expect videos to be available from companies they want to buy products and services from, having them produces a substantial advantage.

Because videos are highly effective in sales, the greatest benefit Video Mailers produce is they get the right people to watch them. For instance, according to Review 42, 65% of executives visit a company’s website and 39% actually call them after watching a video about a product, service, or opportunity they offer. Video Mailers simply put them directly into their hands.

Furthermore, decision-makers search for videos to learn about ways to help their companies improve. Also, companies who use videos to show their most likely customers what they have to offer are considered more appealing than their competitors. Because of this, return on investment with videos is excellent. At the same time, when companies mail them to their most likely customers in Video Mailers, they usually get rewarded with even better results.

Another benefit is that Video Mailers rarely ever get screened out by gate-keepers before reaching decision-makers. Then, after they watch them, they usually can’t resist showing them with others who influence their decisions. By engaging more people, they’re able to produce better results.

To purchase Video Mailers for your company to get your target audience to call you back more often, or to receive a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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