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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Moonlight Fund.

Video Mailers Improve Conversion Rates

Video mailers accomplish the very purpose of marketing, which is to help a brand be the first to come to mind whenever someone wants or needs what they offer.

For decades, direct mail has been a huge part of marketing. While it still continues to grow, the brilliant idea to add video content to traditional brochures has turbo charged results.

When a video mailer is received, recipients are greeted instantly with a combination of video and high quality print media that skyrockets appeal. In most circumstances, they can hardly resist the urge to open it immediately. Once opened, it’s even twice as difficult to resist the urge to show what they received to co-workers and other decision-makers. Marketing strategies, for the most part, don’t get much better.

Video mailers are an excellent way to engage targeted prospects

When sent via direct mail to targeted prospects, video mailers peak curiosity, deliver messages in a captivating way, and greatly improve response rates. They create a lasting impression better than most other marketing tools, and they positively influence the feelings of recipients about products, services, companies and opportunities being presented to them.

Effectively, video mailers provide an outstanding way for companies to reach prospects with state-of-the-art marketing that grabs attention and plants marketing messages firmly into their memory. Approximately 80% of people can recall a video they viewed in the past month, and videos have proven to increase the effectiveness of marketing messages. Normally, after receiving a video mailer, prospects feel impressed, honored, and excited about communicating more with the company who sent it.

Typically, video mailers create the following benefits:

  1. They present customized messages using the power of video, the power of tangibility, and the power of print more effectively than other marketing options.
  2. They make messages more engaging and memorable.
  3. They have the capacity to play multiple videos depending on which button a viewer pushes.
  4. They come with a rechargeable battery (just like a cell phone).
  5. They carry the appeal of novelty and naturally cause recipients to want to share them with co-workers and other decision-makers.
  6. They make it possible for recipients to hear a company’s message when it is convenient for them.
  7. They allow companies to control the level of quality with which their messages are presented.
  8. They effectively get past “gate-keepers”.
  9. They allow companies to engage more decision-makers without one of their representatives having to be present.
  10. They usually increase response rates.

As a result of these benefits, video mailers have the ability to accomplish exactly what the purpose of marketing is, which is to help a brand be the first to come to mind whenever a potential customer wants or needs whatever it is they offer. Furthermore, feedback indicates they really do improve conversion rates.

Get the best video mailers from MediaFast

There are many excellent ways to use video brochures, and video mailers are what people call them when they send them in the mail.

Definitely, they are revolutionary marketing tools used by brands to help their offerings stand out from the millions of other direct mail pieces sent each year.

While it can be challenging for companies to design cost-effective video brochures and video mailers due to the creativity and range of materials necessary to produce them, companies who work with us often save valuable time and money. Our experience and expertise allow us to create effective solutions at affordable prices, and the satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority.

In addition, we only use brand new, Grade A components in all of the marketing products we offer. We’ve heard horror stories about video marketing products failing at the most inopportune times because some companies use recycled or refurbished parts to make them, but we’ve chosen not to let that happen to our clients.

To learn more about video mailers or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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