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Video Marketing Products Make Sales Easier

Video marketing products can alleviate the fear of working in sales. As much as it can be a lucrative profession, it can be intimidating and sometimes even scary at the same time. However, when salespeople are equipped with cutting edge video marketing products, the intimidation and worry they might normally feel can be replaced with enthusiasm and confidence.

When working in sales, one formula for success is to present the right reason for potential customers to be interested. The sooner that happens, the better. Cutting edge video marketing products are interesting all by themselves, and when salespeople present them early in face to face meetings, they usually create enough interest to make the interaction more comfortable and enjoyable for both parties.

8 tips to make working in sales easier

First, before describing how beneficial video marketing products can be for companies and salespeople, here are 8 tips to make working in sales easier:

  1. The best salespeople understand their prospects are more interested in what a product or service will do for them than what the product or service actually is. When consumers make purchases, they are ultimately paying for what they believe they will gain.
  2. There is a big difference between what a salesperson thinks is important and what their prospects think is important. People make purchasing decisions based on their reasons, not the reasons salespeople give them. Salespeople should understand this concept.
  3. A “hot button” can be described as a compelling reason a salesperson gives someone to listen to them. Through research, a hot button can be identified prior to a salesperson interacting with a prospect for the first time, and in the end, it can truly be the reason the prospect chooses to buy.
  4. 86% of people make purchasing decisions based on future expectations. With that in mind, it only stands to reason that the best salespeople are great at helping prospects envision ideal results they’ll enjoy by using whatever it is the salesperson is selling.
  5. Prior to engaging prospects, it can be helpful for salespeople to imagine their prospects wanting them to offer something that will help them reduce their workload and/or become more successful.
  6. Once a salesperson verbalizes a prospect’s biggest challenge, it puts more focus on it and causes prospects to become more interested in resolving it. Sometimes relief of pain is a stronger motivator than the pursuit of pleasure.
  7. Face to face conversations often present the perfect time to share success stories and testimonials. Salespeople should make sure their stories are credible and be ready to share them every time they get the chance. One of the more famous sayings in sales is “Facts tell, stories sell.”
  8. It is crucial for salespeople to remain honest, friendly, and positive at all times because people are attracted to joy and happiness but turned off by negativity.

MediaFast video marketing products make sales easier

MediaFast video marketing products can be a tremendous asset for salespeople. Not only will they help them feel more confident and relaxed, but they’ll also make their sales presentations more modern and interesting to prospects.

Typically, modern consumers prefer watching videos to learn information over reading or listening because they want to see products and services in action. They can learn more from videos in shorter periods of time, and they usually enjoy the sensory engagement videos provide.

For companies, videos allow them to maintain control over how their products or services get presented. They also help make their salespeople better, and they improve the perceptions people have of their company overall.

To learn more about how video marketing products make working in sales easier or the video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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