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Video Marketing Products Produce Great ROI

One of the greatest benefits video marketing products offer is that they’re almost impossible to set aside or ignore. The urge to share them is powerful and they’re easy for office staffs and decision-makers to share, which makes them even more influential.

Companies everywhere are making great money with video marketing products. ROI with them is outstanding, and with all of the versatility and benefits they offer, they’re definitely worth the money is costs to have them.

For example, an average order of video brochures costs between $20 and $65 per unit (quantity, screen size, and memory make the greatest difference in price). For marketing pieces that grab attention, say a lot in a short period of time, sell, promote, train and motivate people to respond to a call-to-action like no other marketing materials, that’s definitely affordable for most companies. To receive the greatest benefits, all companies have to do is distribute them, follow-up, and then repeat with their most likely customers and target audience.

Presentation strongly influences effectiveness

“It’s all in the presentation” is a popular philosophy that has produced great success in marketing throughout history. In fact, it’s precisely why some companies make millions of dollars every year despite offering subpar products or services.

For example, many fast food chains enjoy great financial success because of their marketing videos despite serving food that doesn’t taste quite as good as food from their competitors. Also, previews for movies sometimes make them look much better than they are but sometimes people get more excited about watching them because of the video previews they see.

Accordingly, videos are highly effective and they’re often what cause people to feel more interested and want more information. As a way to increase the chances they get watched, video marketing products simply provide a classy way for companies to present their videos in a manner that’s more appealing to others.

Why video marketing products produce great ROI

By using video marketing products, companies set themselves apart from competitors and give themselves a chance to impress prospects.

Here are 10 reasons why video marketing products produce great ROI:

  1. They engage more senses to create more interest and make messages more memorable.
  2. They arouse emotions. When people are making decisions, the combination of sight, sound and motion in videos can be extremely motivating.
  3. They consistently give the same presentation without being affected by the mood, appearance, abilities, or thought processes of a presenter.
  4. They can be watched anywhere at any time because they function without electricity or an internet connection.
  5. They can be mailed or handed directly to prospects.
  6. Analytics indicate people watch them in groups.
  7. Videos increase the mental connection viewers feel towards advertisers.
  8. They’re easy for decision-makers to share with people who influence them.
  9. They increase the perceived value of companies who distribute them.
  10. They have the ability to present more information in less time, which makes them more appealing.

Some of the most common video marketing products are video brochures, video mailers, point of purchase displays (also called POP displays), USB flash drives, and various promotional items in which video screens can be installed like video gift or sample boxes. To learn more, click this link: We Can Put A Video Screen In Anything (almost)

Why your company should use video marketing products

With great success in this day and age, companies use videos for sales, fundraising, training, recruiting, exposure, impressing clients, and giving recognition. Videos have also proven to save time and money.

Years ago, we realized video marketing products were the wave of the future. We’ve seen companies use them to discover their first real financial success, and we’ve seen companies who were already well known giants in their industries continue to shine with them.

To learn more about video marketing or any of the video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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