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Video Marketing – Start, Stop, Continue Strategy

Video marketing has become one of the greatest revenue generators in business today. Many successful companies use it regularly, and feedback indicates transitioning into it was well worth their time and money.

With that said, there is room for improvement. Some companies haven’t figured out the best ways to use video marketing. Others simply don’t use it much at all (if any). Interestingly, hundreds of companies who don’t use video marketing believe they should. They just haven’t made it a priority despite realizing not using it is probably causing them to miss out on opportunities.

Start, Stop, Continue strategy for making improvements

In both professional and personal circumstances, using the Start, Stop, Continue strategy is highly effective at helping people make improvements. It can be done effectively in groups or by individuals.

As humans, we tend to be very good at looking at our circumstances – what’s happening to us, what’s not happening to us, and what we wish was happening to us. Often, we forget the key variable that determines our success, and that’s ourselves.

The Start, Stop, Continue strategy helps people look at themselves more thoroughly, including their habits, what they’re doing, what they’re not doing, what they could be doing, etc. Then, after doing so, the specific variables that make the greatest impact on their outcomes are easier to see.

Here are the three phases:

  1. Start – This is when people ask themselves what they can start doing daily to significantly improve their circumstances. For example: get out of bed 1 hour earlier, read at least 10 pages of a book (excellent for brain development and health), make healthier eating choices, get a healthy amount of sleep, meditate, plan important affairs in their future, stop using credit cards, be better at communicating, recognize good, feel grateful, act positive, educate themselves, follow improved work procedures, use videos, network, advertise…
  2. Stop – This is when people ask themselves what they are doing that is inhibiting progress or making their circumstances more difficult. For example: they stay up late, they party too much, they entertain themselves when they should be studying or working or sleeping, they think and act negatively, they blame others, they tolerate poor behavior from themselves or employees, they waste money or resources, they don’t communicate respectfully, they’re dishonest, they have poor hygiene, they follow ineffective work processes or antiquated strategies, they charge too much, they don’t charge enough, they help others too much, they don’t allow others to help them, they procrastinate…
  3. Continue – This is when people ask themselves what they are doing that is working well right now. The majority of people have multiple behaviors they do daily that are worth giving themselves a pat on the back for doing, and positive affirmation will help them continue.

This strategy is designed to help people accurately determine what they can start and/or stop doing to become more productive and happy in their circumstances. According to people who have used this strategy with great success, it is most beneficial to do it every six months and remain fully compliant with their decisions.

Video marketing creates results companies want

For several years now, video marketing has been generating excellent ROI. More traditional methods of marketing have taken a backseat to it, and it creates the kind of results companies are looking for when they invest in marketing strategies.

Respectfully, making videos and deciding how to use them can feel daunting. It’s one thing to make a video and post it on a website or a YouTube channel. It’s another to make a video for sales, recruiting, training, testimonials, fundraising, and/or marketing and then determine the best way to use it to engage prospects. For example, options include sending out videos in emails, posting them on social media platforms, or using SEO strategies to draw traffic to them. Other options include using video brochurespoint of purchase displays (POP displays), or USB flash drives.

There are great advantages to using video marketing products. To name a few, they allow companies to engage targeted prospects with state-of-the-art devices that are simple to operate and impressive to receive. People tend to prefer watching videos over reading words or looking at motionless images without sound, and videos take less effort from viewers. They have the ability to say more in less time, and research indicates people respond better to videos when presented with a call to action or prompted to move further down a sales funnel.

In response to these developments, wise companies have changed their marketing and presentation strategies to include videos more often. With their success, video marketing has become a superstar in the business world. It might be unbeatable as a way for companies to engage prospects, and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

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