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This is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen for blendtec.

Video Point of Purchase Displays Are Like Excellent Salespeople

Using Video Point of Purchase Displays in retail settings is an excellent way to increase sales. They act almost like salespeople, and since they deliver messages programmed by manufacturers themselves, they’re often more reliable for consumers than what they might hear from a typical salesperson.

For decades now, POP Displays have been effective in boosting sales of products and services. Now, since videos can be including in them, they’re even more effective.

Video Point of Purchase Displays Are Like Excellent Salespeople

Most people have encountered a salesperson who persuaded them to buy something they weren’t planning to buy. Either the salesperson showed them something they weren’t considering, reminded them of something they wanted, or up-sold them so they would buy something more than what they were originally considering. Good salespeople have a way of getting consumers to spend money, and an effective Video Point of Purchase Display has the same affect.

In retail, marketers have learned that POP Displays located throughout their stores can be just as effective as salespeople. When they get the attention of consumers near the products they’re highlighting, they often capitalize on an ideal opportunity to influence their buying decisions.

When a video is included, the effectiveness of Point of Purchase Displays skyrockets. Videos have proven to be more appealing than most of the traditional ways consumers learn information, and shoppers typically appreciate when retailers have them available.

In addition, when Video Point of Purchase Displays are located near check out stations, they often remind shoppers of items they want or need but simply might be forgetting to buy, such as batteries, gum, or moisturizer for lips or hands. Check out stations are also where consumers are accustomed to being presented with temptations to help them decide if they want treats, gift cards, or other items like celebrity gossip magazines that help boost revenue for retail store owners.

POP Displays Highlight Products For Shoppers

To help a POP Display attract attention from consumers, including elements in it like catch phrases, logos, interesting images, and differentiating colors and shapes help them perform better. For anyone who remembers Polaroid Cameras, they can probably relate to that statement quite well. In today’s stores, Point of Purchase Displays for energy drinks, beer, snacks and personal care items seem to be the most popular, and when videos are included about those products, they sell even better.

Mannequins are another type of POP Display that help clothing items sell more often. Sometimes shoppers can get overwhelmed by all of the selections they may see, but when they see mannequins dressed in particular shirts, pants or hats, it can help them make selections much faster. Coincidentally, videos have a similar effect on people’s attention and purchasing decisions. Plus, since shoppers typically return to places where they’ve made purchases before, retailers who use modern technology to help shoppers make decisions to buy from them often get rewarded for it again, and again, and again…..

Also, a big advantage for suppliers is that Point of Purchase Displays provides a great way to prompt shoppers to purchase their products over other similar products when they are both sold in the same area. While product packaging is designed to help items sell, what can help consumers choose them even more is when they get presented in POP Displays that highlight advantages they offer people who use them.

Get Excellent Video Point of Purchase Displays From MediaFast

MediaFast has been designing and producing Video Point of Purchase Displays to help suppliers and retailers sell products and services for over a decade now. As a result, our experience and knowledge make us an ideal partner for advertising and marketing success.

Our team completely understands how a well designed, state-of-the-art Video Point of Purchase Display will attract the attention of consumers to help one product or service stand out over another. In retail sales, winning that competition at the most opportune moments is extremely valuable, and we know how to make Point of Purchase Displays more attractive and effective in the eyes of consumers.

To start using Video Point of Purchase Displays for your products or services or to receive a FREE SAMPLE of the Video Marketing Products we sell, contact us today.

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