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This is a Point of Purchase Display made by MediaFast for Blendtec.

Video Point Of Purchase Displays Boost Retail Sales

Video Point of Purchase Displays have been helping products sell more often in retail stores for several years now. They attract more attention from consumers than traditional POP Displays, and as a result, they’re much more effective.

Why Video Point Of Purchase Displays Boost Sales

If you are a store owner who is looking for something interactive and wireless that will increase sales, a Video Point of Purchase Display is a great option. Here is why:

  • According to Investopedia, while online shopping has become a popular option, consumer preference for in-store shopping has remained strong.
  • Consumers enjoy videos and believe companies who use them know better how to communicate with them.
  • By displaying promotional media at the point of purchase, store owners benefit from engaging shoppers exactly when and where they are ready to spend money.
  • To stay competitive, brands need to promote their products at times and in places where consumers will pay attention to them.
  • Videos in Point of Purchase Displays succeed at capturing the attention of shoppers.
  • While modern-day consumers love their digital devices, retailers who have videos available in shopping areas give them the digital content they appreciate.
  • Videos enable consumers to learn more about products in less time.
  • POP Displays are excellent at promoting products as well as special offers and events like seasonal sales.
  • Feedback from our customers tells us that Video Point of Purchase Displays work exceptionally well.
  • Our customers tell us that the money they spend to have them is nothing compared to how much revenue they produce.

With all of that said, it’s easy to see why Video Point of Purchase Displays increase retail sales.

Get An Excellent Video Point Of Purchase Display From MediaFast

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, Video Point of Purchase Displays have proven to produce great results in retail. They’ve become one of the very best ways to attract attention, increase the number of consumers in stores, direct customers where to go, and much more. On top of that, at the most opportune moment in a shopper’s eye, a Video POP Display can grab their attention and motivate them to make a purchase.

For retail store owners, the key is to get the right POP Display for the right product and/or promotion at the right price. Why? Because there are far too many opportunities for them to engage shoppers with video content that is too interesting to ignore before they leave their locations. Otherwise, once they’re gone, the opportunity to sell to them might be gone forever as well.

At MediaFast, we understand how well designed, high quality Video Point of Purchase Displays enhance the shopping experience for shoppers. In addition to helping products stand out over their competitors, they also engage shoppers at the most opportune moments, which are exactly when they are ready to spend money. Also, we only use brand new, Grade A components to make all of our products. They come with a full warranty, and customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

To purchase a Video Point of Purchase Display so your company can enjoy a boost in retail sales, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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