This is a MediaFast point of purchase display.

Video Point of Purchase Displays Skyrocket Marketing Attention

To skyrocket marketing attention in stores, Point of Purchase Displays with videos in them will make it happen. As a consumer, don’t you find it hard to resist watching videos sometimes when they’re playing while you shop? Especially if they explain a product or service you’re already considering buying, right?

But why is that? Well, because they attract attention. They’re also not boring, and they feel interactive as they stir emotions. Plus, they’re an efficient way to learn, and they have significant entertainment value.

Thinking about it… It’s easy to understand how a 30 second commercial can show and tell so much in so little time. Don’t we all appreciate that?

Examples of POP Displays with Videos

Here’s a short clip we recently made to showcase Point of Purchase Displays with videos. They’re just another example of how videos are continuing to climb as influencers in sales and marketing, and why more and more companies are increasingly relying on them.

Why Videos are Super Effective in Marketing

The following list includes reasons why videos are extremely effective in marketing. Meanwhile, if you’re not already using them, our hope is that this list will help you understand why you probably should.

  • Facts tell, stories sell… and videos tell stories much better than motionless content.
  • Videos seem easier for consumers to trust.
  • Modern consumers tend to prefer not to read much anymore.
  • Videos can explain even complex topics quickly, especially if animation is used.
  • Consumers who could be classified as fairly lazy tend to respond to videos because the emotions they arouse have a powerful effect.
  • Videos boost conversions and sales.
  • Even prospects who are hard-to-reach often make time to watch marketing videos.
  • ROI from marketing with videos is typically higher than marketing strategies that don’t include them.

For these and other reasons, we’ve had clients enjoy as high as a 66% response rate to our Video Marketing Products. In addition, one even reported a 70% increase in sales after theirs were distributed.

Videos In POP Displays Increase Sales

Videos have a way of attracting and appealing to shoppers. While the purpose of Point of Purchase Displays is to boost attention to products being highlighted in them, videos simply help them skyrocket marketing attention.

Effectively, they’re ideal for introducing new products to consumers in retail settings. They’re also excellent for inspiring them to continue using products and services they’re already using regularly, as well as for educating consumers for all kinds of purposes.

All the while, what makes the biggest difference is when they’re creative, unique, and well-executed. This is where videos in Point of Purchase Displays have made the biggest difference in retail sales.

Basically, by including them, POP Displays show consumers products and services in action. That skyrockets trust while also increasing familiarity. At the same time, it plants thoughts of them using them in their minds, which impacts future purchasing decisions.

As a marketer, anytime you can make that happen, you’ll have done your job well.

Examples of Videos In a Point of Purchase Displays

While this video shows more than just Point of Purchase Displays, the POP Displays in it are easy to pick out.

Get Top-Notch Video POP Displays From MediaFast

In today’s digital world, videos strengthen most marketing strategies. Also, as is common, Point of Purchase Displays grab attention and motivate shoppers to make purchasing decisions. They also liven up atmospheres in stores, and help shoppers enjoy shopping in them.

Having said that, at MediaFast, we completely understand how a well designed Point of Purchase Display with a video can skyrocket sales.

For quality, we only use brand new, Grade A components to make them. And we include a one-year full warranty.

If you’d like to use a Point of Purchase Display to skyrocket marketing attention and boost sales in your store(s), or to learn more, contact us today.

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