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This is an image of a video camera filming a businesswoman sitting behind a desk making a presentation.

Videos are Superstars in the Digital Era

Videos are ideal for training, recruiting, fundraising, sales, entertainment, demonstrations and delivering messages for practically any purpose. In response, innovative companies have found ways to use them to increase revenue and connect better with their target audience. Essentially, they have become superstars in the Digital Era.

An example of why videos are so powerful

What’s obvious is people love videos. They capture attention, deliver more information in less time by combining visuals with sound and motion, and make traditional marketing much more interesting when combined with it.

A key to their success is they have the unique ability to portray characteristics and circumstances more accurately than written words or motionless images. Because of this, people tend to prefer watching them over reading text or listening to audio.

For example, here is a really good video that illustrates the power of videos better than I can describe in writing:

For most people, watching this video about Dairy Queen ice cream treats feels much more entertaining and descriptive. To write enough words to describe them as well as this video does would surely take a long time, and it might not even be possible. Plus, it makes Dairy Queen ice cream treats much more appealing.

MediaFast sells the best video marketing products

Some of the best video marketing products on the market are video brochuresvideo mailersUSB flash drivesPOP displaysCDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, video sample boxes and video gift boxes. At MediaFast, we sell all of these products with only brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality. We also keep ourselves on the cutting-edge of technology. If something newer or better comes along, we’ll offer it.

From what we know, we are the only company to include a full warranty on the video marketing products we sell. It is not a limited warranty. What that means is if something is defective or malfunctions in a product purchased from us, we will fix or replace it right away. The only exceptions are that if the problem was caused by normal wear and tear or if evidence shows the product was not sensibly cared for or was mistreated.

Also, we do not lock videos on video brochures, video mailers, video sample boxes, video gift boxes, USB flash drives or point of purchase displays. After the videos are loaded onto the units for the company who purchased them, they can still be changed at any time without an added expense. The same can’t be said for some companies, and as a result, their clients have to buy new units if they decide they want new video content on them.

And finally, our prices include our team loading the video content into each unit so our customers can put them right to work as soon as they receive them. Interestingly, some companies charge for this service, but we do not. We believe that without the video content, a video marketing product isn’t really a video marketing product.

To learn more about videos or any of the video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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