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Videos Are The New King In Marketing

Videos have proven to generate huge success in marketing. They’re appealing, efficient, entertaining, and people respond well to them. They’re also easy to distribute in video marketing products and online. For these and other reasons, they are now the new king in marketing.

Videos Are The New King In Marketing

Approximately one third of online activity consists of people watching videos for education or entertainment. Smart marketers realized several years ago that people prefer videos over motionless content or listening to audio messages, and they changed their strategies because of it.

The effectiveness of videos can be attributed to how they engage multiple senses and make messages more memorable. They present more information in less time, and they require less effort from viewers. As a result, they help people feel more, learn more, and make better decisions faster.

While companies often have marketing materials with pages of product information, interesting information about themselves, and various slogans and sales promotions that the majority of prospects never take the time to read, other companies have found more success using videos to deliver information they want their prospects to see and hear in short videos (20 to 60 seconds is optimal).

How To Make Effective Marketing Videos

By using the following suggestions, companies can produce videos that will engage their target audience and create a connection with their most likely customers.

  1. Select the right method of presentation. Selecting the right method of presentation requires a clear understanding of what will be the most influential on viewers. If an analytical presentation would be best, then a video with charts, graphs and statistics might be a wise choice. If an emotional presentation would be best, then video footage depicting specific circumstances or ways in which their donations will benefit those in need might be best.
  2. Choose appropriate timing to present the video. As in many circumstances, timing is key for when videos are watched. Depending on the purpose of a video, it may be best to use it to start a relationship. Or, it might help more to use it after an initial meeting. Or, in some circumstances, it might be best to use a video near the end of a sales pitch or as a way to increase recall in people’s memories.
  3. Identify a target audience. To be most effective, a video should directly appeal to a target audience. Some people make the mistake of thinking the more prospects their video appeals to, the better. While that may sound good, it isn’t correct. Videos that appeal directly to a company’s most likely customers have proven to be the most effective because content that is driven by a viewer’s wants or needs usually returns the best results. After all, people are usually interested in how something will affect them more than anything else.
  4. Use language that relates to the target audience. Language sometimes makes the greatest impact on how well a video performs. By using key words or phrases at opportune moments along with language that appeals to a target audience, companies can increase the likelihood of their videos performing as well as they envision.
  5. Short videos usually perform better. We live in a time when attention spans seem to be shorter than ever. Because of this, video content between 20 and 60 seconds is usually ideal for most purposes. Plus, other information can be shared with them later.

Video Marketing Will Successfully Engage Prospects

At MediaFast, we’ve witnessed how sharing videos in marketing products like video brochures and point of purchase displays (POP displays) has worked well for several years now. So have video mailers and video gift and sample boxes. Custom-made CDs and DVDs as well as USB flash drives have continued to perform well too.

The biggest reason for their success is that messages presented strategically in videos engage prospects in ways proven to be more effective than most other forms of communication, and people simply love videos.

To learn more about video marketing or any of the video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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