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Videos Generate Tremendous ROI

Modern consumers respond proactively to videos. They want to see products and services in action, and they also enjoy the sensory engagement videos provide.

So, why do videos generate tremendous ROI? There are several reasons, but people’s preference for videos is one of the most important. It can capture a wide audience, works well for many different purposes, and allows companies to present memorable messages with more content in less time. As a result, for whatever goal a presenter has in mind, videos are easily one of the very best strategies.

Videos boost conversions

Videos play a key role in grabbing attention and educating consumers. They’ve proven to be just as influential as online reviews, and most people search for videos when trying to learn information or make purchasing decisions.

According to a study by Wyzowl, 74% of consumers who watched an explainer video about a product or service subsequently bought it. Also, 77% of consumers said watching a video about a product or service motivated them to buy it.

With those two percentages in mind, simply adding video content to emails, landing pages, blogs, websites and/or marketing pieces can skyrocket conversions.

Videos generate outstanding ROI

According to the same study linked above, 76% of businesses who use video marketing say it generates outstanding ROI. In fact, videos don’t have to be perfect to be effective. They just have to include content that clearly explains a topic and communicates advantages for users to make the biggest difference.

For viewers, being able to see and hear content that includes visual, audio, and motion helps them feel more engaged. It also makes messages easier to remember, which is the primary goal of marketing, and it increases efficiency.

Perhaps most importantly, videos arouse emotions in viewers. As a result, viewers usually feel motivated to take action after watching them. When ROI is the primary goal, spending money making and distributing videos that motivate viewers to take action is usually money well spent.

Videos have proven to increase trust

Trust makes a major impact on people’s feelings and decisions. In business, being considered trustworthy can carry great value. Therefore, increasing trust should always be a priority.

With regards to videos, people tend to have an easier time believing what they see and hear in videos. When they can witness presentations and demonstrations performed by real people in actual circumstances, what they see and hear is often easier to accept.

Videos produce highly effective marketing

By definition, marketing is everything a company does to gain customers and maintain relationships with them. The goal of marketing is to match a company’s products and services to the people who need and want them to ensure profitability.

With regards to videos, they engage more senses in viewers and make messages more memorable. Companies who tend to make the most sales are usually the ones who get remembered at the most opportune moments by consumers who want or need what they offer. This is precisely why even Fortune 500 companies continue to spend millions of dollars on marketing.

Videos have the ability to explain practically everything

According to the same study linked above by Wyzowl, 98% of people say they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. Videos allow people to witness demonstrations and presentations in real life circumstances, thus making them more trustworthy, and concepts sometimes seem easier to understand in video format.

Furthermore, when it comes to explaining or demonstrating concepts that may be difficult to explain, animated videos are ideal. Animation can bring concepts to life in ways that words, images, or real life video footage simply cannot.

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