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This is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen made by MediaFast for Blendtec.

Videos Improve Point of Purchase Displays

Point of Purchase displays, commonly known as POP Displays, are very effective in marketing. As much as 65% of all in-store purchases are not preplanned, which means shoppers can clearly be influenced in stores while they determine what to purchase. To take advantage of this, what Point of Purchase Displays do best is attract attention and help retailers benefit from the impulsiveness of shoppers.

As well, great results with POP Displays can be attributed to them providing an ideal way for companies to promote the reasons their products should be chosen over others offered by competitors. In retail settings, Point of Purchase Displays are often situated near competing products. Sometimes they’re even on the same shelves with them. As consumers shop, it’s hard for them not to notice products being promoted more so than others, and in response, what usually happens is they receive an increase in the number of times they get selected for purchase.

Videos Greatly Enhance Point of Purchase Displays

Point of Purchase Displays are typically designed to be the most eye-catching, attention-grabbing marketing tools possible because they are often a company’s last chance in retail settings to influence the decisions of shoppers. Adding videos to them was a brilliant idea that ingeniously made them better.

Without a doubt, modern consumers prefer to see products or services in action before they purchase them. They also enjoy the sensory engagement videos provide. On top of that, videos are hard to ignore when they’re playing and they allow companies to present memorable messages with more content in less time. Basically, for whatever goals a presenter has in mind, videos are easily one of the very best strategies to accomplish them.

By definition, marketing is everything a company does to gain and maintain customers. The primary goal of marketing is to match a company’s products or services with people who want or need them. The genius of adding videos to Point of Purchase Displays is that they easily skyrocket interest, which causes more people to feel inspired to try products displayed on them. They also help previous users remember items they want or need but simply forget about until they see something that jolts their memory. For example, unless people notice batteries in a store, they often forget they need them.

Point of Purchase Displays Boost Revenue

In retail settings, shoppers are much more likely to notice products being promoted on Point of Purchase Displays. They’re also much more likely to stop and watch videos than they are to look at motionless text or images.

One of the greatest benefits videos offer is that they make a much stronger impact on consumers, especially when they show product or service demonstrations, and they usually generate greater responses because of it. To learn more about the power of videos, follow this link: Why Videos Generate Tremendous ROI

With or without videos, Point of Purchase Displays are highly effective at making sales. At the most opportune moments, they can motivate shoppers to make purchases that will ultimately boost revenue for companies and help them achieve a greater level of success. They also liven up retail settings and have the ability to improve the overall shopping experience of consumers.

Anytime videos are included in marketing strategies, they enable companies to tell their stories quickly and efficiently as a way to inform their most likely customers or appeal to the impulsive nature of shoppers. Honestly, it isn’t possible for us to promote the use of videos more than we already do because we’ve seen some of the greatest success ever enjoyed by companies who use them.

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