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This is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen made by MediaFast for Blendtec.

Videos In POP Displays Are More Reliable Than Retail Employees

Videos in Point of Purchase Displays are more reliable than retail employees at explaining the effectiveness of products or services. As a consumer, if you’ve ever watched a short YouTube video to learn about something, my guess is you know what I mean.

I say this with the hopes of not offending anyone who works in retail sales. Honestly, I know a lot of them do a wonderful job of explaining what they sell. However, once in a while some don’t, and the purpose of this post is to explain why videos in POP Displays are typically more reliable.

So, why is that? Well, usually it’s because they include testimonials from real-life users. Or, they’re from manufacturers showing their offerings being used in real-life circumstances… Not just words from someone who read a brochure or pamphlet… Or listened to a brief training designed to teach a short answer to pass along.

Describing Point of Purchase Displays

POP Displays are printed displays strategically placed in retail settings where shoppers make purchasing decisions. Nowadays, videos being included in them have increased their effectiveness.

Unlike marketing strategies designed to get prospects traveling down sales funnels, their purpose is to enhance a shopper’s in-store experience. They do so by increasing attention on particular brands or special offers, and their aesthetics are usually quite welcoming.

Also, they’re useful marketing tools that can benefit manufacturers and retailers in multiple ways. For instance, they allow products or services to stand out. They satisfy the doubts of new customers. Plus, they deliver helpful information. They strategically locate offerings, and they create unique brand recognition.

At the same time, they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors to increase interest. They’re considered an excellent option to supplement the packaging of products so brands can conveniently stand out in the stores. The more visually striking they are, the more effective they are… And strategic placement is essential to produce the results manufacturers and retailers desire when they use them.

And finally, with the right messages in the right format, they offer useful information that can help brands gain potential customers very quickly. Since videos are the #1 marketing and advertising strategy, they’re typically the right strategy to use.

Point of Purchase Displays In Action

In case you aren’t familiar with them, here’s a clip of the different Video Marketing Products we sell. There are several POP Displays with videos included. To see more examples, click MediaFast Point of Purchase Display Gallery.

Digital Enhancements Increase Effectiveness

In today’s highly competitive retail environment, consumers are impacted by unique and personalized experiences. In fact, unique and personalized experiences tend to be necessary for new products or services to sell at a rapid pace.

Fortunately, POP Displays with videos have the ability to produce unique and personalized experiences. Also, with attention-grabbing features, they help shoppers become aware of new options. Furthermore, when they include interactive features combined with visual attraction, they increase consumer interest and engagement. Plus, special offers, QR codes, and touch-screen displays can be used to make them more effective overall, ultimately increasing sales.

Fortunately, technological advances have made digital enhancements possible. And, once designers figured out how to include video screens in Point of Purchase Displays, they made it to where they’re more reliable than retail sales employees. At least often anyway…

Video Content Increases Sales

Generally speaking, a brand’s image is the public’s impression of a specific product or company. While a strong brand image is usually needed to attract new buyers and retain existing customers, a new company or product with zero brand image usually doesn’t stand much of a chance unless they do something big to create one. Essentially, startup branding is necessary.

With that in mind, POP Displays provide a valuable retail marketing strategy to present new products or services to the public. Moreover, they can be big, include large video screens to grab attention, and be placed in ideal areas to optimize views by a target audience.

Nowadays, POP Displays like this are highly effective at trade shows, exhibitions, and in retail stores. When video content is included, it’s like a magic ingredient causing prospects to like more of what they see… and an increase in sales typically follows.

POP Displays Boost Impulse Purchases

POP displays are an ideal solution for businesses looking to boost impulse purchases. In fact, they’ve worked quite well for decades for this purpose, and manufacturers and retailers have been singing their praises because of it.

Effectively, when placed in the right locations, they provide retailers an ideal way to influence shoppers at the best time — when they’re in their stores and ready to spend money. 

For example, when consumers are making their routine purchases, a well-placed POP Display can prompt them to add something new to their carts. Therefore, POP Displays often work to encourage impulsive buying behavior, thus providing a valuable marketing tactic to increase sales… like many of us have succumbed to at some point in our lives.

Boost Sales With A POP Display From MediaFast

For consumers, an in-person shopping experience provides an advantage over online shopping. Even though most people love their digital devices, they still want to experience things live and in-person. Coincidentally, videos being available in retail shopping areas simply satisfies both of those dynamics.

To make sales, it’s important for most companies to have their messages seen and heard by their most-likely-customers. POP Displays with videos make that happen. They’re impressive, modern, and efficient. Most importantly, they also get messages from manufacturers directly connected to their target audience much like a TV commercial, only significantly cheaper.

At MediaFast, we completely understand how a well designed POP Display with a video will boost sales. We only use Grade A, brand new components to make them, and we include a one year full warranty with all of the products we sell.

If you’d like to use a Point of Purchase Display to capitalize on how they’re more reliable than retail employees, or to learn more, contact us today.

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