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This is a MediaFast video box for Fox Sports.

Watch: Fox Sports’ Video Box For Super Bowl LVII Includes Cake

If you’re a marketer and your company was going to televise the Super Bowl, wouldn’t you want to have fun with it? Maybe even celebrate and do something extraordinary to publicize it?

Fox Sports certainly did. They’re televising Super Bowl LVII (57), and after conversations and demonstrations, they chose to use one of our custom Video Boxes to make a fun statement to some of their associates. Oh, and they wanted it to include cake… And we figured out how to make that happen.

That’s right — cake! In a Video Box! Gotta love technology (and smart, creative people)…

Fox Sports’ Video Box For Super Bowl LVII

Rather than tell you all about it, a video seems like the right way to present it.

When you see the containers, that’s where the cake is. Also, since it needed to stay cold, ice packs were placed in the base of each box.

Explaining Video Boxes

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Video Explanation About This Fun Idea

In addition to the video above, we also shot a newsletter that further explains Video Boxes and Fox Sports’ fun idea.

Here are our two company owners, Amy Hafen and Bill Diaz, presenting. The transcript is just below the video if you’d like to read it.

Video Newsletter Transcript

Bill: “Hey, we’re back talking about Video Boxes in a newsletter form, and we’ve got quite the box here to share with you guys. Super impactful…it’s a really, really big box!

We felt that influencers and these boxes are where it’s at. It’s money. It’s influencers plus these video boxes equal return on experience (ROE) and why those things matter. And why you guys should be considering some of those things. So (looks at Amy), how did you feel about this box?”

Amy: “I think they hit all of the goals the client had, and they really wanted to make a splash. They had some key points that mattered to them and this box accomplished that.

It’s Super Bowl LVII (57) and they wanted it to arrive 57 days before the Super Bowl. They wanted to incorporate an experience with food, and in this case — cake. The cake needed to stay cold. There’s lots of ways that this knocked it out of the park. And if you look at the twitter feeds and some of the stuff that people shared, you could see that for yourself.”

Bill: “Forget about it. I mean, it’s why influencers are making the kind of money that they’re making. The right ones will literally turn your business inside out and upside down and skyrocket your business. There’s no question.

So, but they’re getting stuff every day. They’re getting tons of brown boxes showing up at their place every day, and they’re opening products…and this offer and that offer and whatever… You need to send them something different and fun (Amy also said “send them something different and fun”). That’s it! It’s fun! If it’s fun, then you stand out, and they’re more likely to want to just take it on and share it with everybody.

I’m going to give you a frame of reference. This box is 24 x 18 x 6 inches. It’s a big box. This is our PR kit (shows the kit), and it makes our PR kit look small…and there’s nothing small about our PR kit. It’s got everything that we offer as far as screens are concerned, and this is 13 x 12.5 x 4 inches, right?

What made this so impactful, I believe — and I mean, there was a lot of thought process. Carrie and Jack over at Fox, we had the pleasure of working with them, and they had a whole theme — they wanted it to deliver on the 57th day before the Super Bowl, so there was a whole countdown and everything else. But they could have done it with a lot of different things. And how did they keep it sticky and interactive so people would want to talk about it. Well, you said it, right? Cake, and it’s a cool video. In the video, there’s imagery. There’s sound.”

Amy: “Well, you listen to the sound of this and you think of the commercials you’ve seen. You know that when that music plays, it’s related to the NFL. They did a good job.”

Bill: “So, I’m not a big cake guy, but I can appreciate what they did. Amy, you talk about that… I mean, you’re…”

Amy: “They had affiliates they wanted to highlight — 12 affiliates as part of this campaign. So, they had little glass jars full of cake, and an affiliate branded sticker on the top of each one. It was also important that the cake show up ready to eat. So, since we had to keep it cold, there were ice packs that were incorporated into the base of the box so that they could open it up and choose what to enjoy.”

Bill: “And like I said, there are gonna be some twitter links down here, and people flipped out… It’s cool. It’s what you’re looking for as a marketer. You want that. You need that. And how are you gonna fill that funnel for your salespeople, right?

So, we’ve done tons of Video Boxes. This is the first one… Never built one this big. This is pushing the limit.”

Amy: “But the success isn’t rare. The size doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger splash. There was just no other way to do what they did.”

Bill: “There was just no other way to put all of this together without having this sort of factor. So, in this particular case, it warranted this box (uses hands to emphasize the big dimensions of the box).”

Amy: “But I’ve done boxes, and am now, that are this thick (she demonstrates about an inch with her fingers) and I’m sending microwave popcorn in one soon. I’ve done ones that look like lunchboxes. It’s really about knowing what will resonate with your influencer, or sending something that you really feel like is fun.”

Bill: “Yeah, and as you guys are thinking through this stuff, think about… Certainly you have a video box and it’s got a cavity in it and you’re going to have products that you want to put in it.

Where we’re different than others is that there are many suppliers who have just standard boxes: There’s a cavity — you’ve got to figure it out with the space available. Instead, we build backwards. We’re going to say, you know, don’t come to me asking what box sizes do we have. I want to know what your vision is, right? So, what’s the vision? What do you want to put in it? Who are we talking to? What are cool things to put in that box? Then we’re gonna build a box backwards to fit it. I mean, we do this stuff every day.”

Amy: “Because it’s important that the stuff stay where it’s supposed to stay. That the screen stays intact, and there’s some engineering that goes into that whole experience. It’s not just about the size of the box. It’s about the experience — when you open the box that everything is in its nice little home where it goes, and that they experience the box in the order that’s right for the experience that you’re trying to get them to have.

Sometimes there are layers. Sometimes there are pieces you pull out that build onto something that’s hidden on the bottom of the box, right? So, there’s lots of things you can do.

We tell clients all the time, You dream it, let us try to build it. And I think that’s probably the theme of a video box. You know, challenge everybody’s creativity. And then we try to marry the creativity, the fun-like experience, and your budget all together in one…because all of those things matter.”

Bill: “So let’s say you’ve got some vision. You’ve got product and you’re thinking, Hey, this is who I want to engage with. This is how I envision it going.

We get on the phone with you. We’re gonna talk about the product that’s going in. We’re gonna try to get samples of that product. We’re gonna lay out that box. We’re gonna measure the box and make sure that we have adequate amounts of foam cavity and things like that. And it doesn’t always have to be foam. I mean, foam is something that we like to use because foam keeps things in their home. It’s sturdy, stable…

But if you’ve got an environmental concern with foam — I mean, some people do — there are other options. We can build corrugated inserts. We can use shredded tissue. We can use all sorts of other organic matter that’s shredded and creates a base to put these things in and nest them, and we can create a little topper for them so they don’t come up and hit the screen.  But all that stuff happens and you want to think through that stuff — all those moving parts — and get it to a point where we can actually create a template.

Then we get into a distribution conversation at that point. How does that happen? How do most of your clients ship them (looks at Amy)? UPS? FedEx? What are they doing?”

Amy: “I would say the majority of them, if the boxes are over a pound, which most of them are, they’re going with UPS. And, you know, we do a lot of fulfillment for clients, and we’ll create an outer-shipper. And many times it’s a custom outer-shipper so that it matches the intended experience.

Then we build it and ship it, and it’s a turn-key experience for a lot of our clients so they don’t have to touch it again. We really enjoy that end-to-end kind of experience because we like to see the results.”

Bill: “You know, something that comes to mind when you’re talking about end-to-end: This particular box, we did not kit. We kit a lot of boxes, but because of the food and the perishable nature of this product, it went to a food company.

Basically, we put it in the hands of people who specialize in dealing with that sort of stuff. So, when it comes to other stuff, and unless you guys feel like you want to kit these things yourselves, let us do that for you. We handle that.

And, if you’re going to go international with some of this stuff, which these things go, there’s some tricky things that happen with international shipments. For example, there are lithium batteries in these pieces that need to be provided by a certified supplier, which we are, and we provide certification and things like that for those batteries. And we like to do the paperwork ourselves because if we do the paperwork ourselves, there’s less than one percent chance that your stuff is gonna get stuck in customs. Basically, there’s a lot of lithium rules with UPS and FedEx, and some of those lines get blurred, and it’s our job to understand not only the black and white, but the gray as well and to make sure that we can explain that properly and do the paperwork correctly.”

Amy: “We’re dangerous-good certified… I mean, that’s really the lingo.”

Bill: “So, keep that in mind when you guys are putting these things together: Where you’re going to send them, and how many you’re going to send to those places because there’s some regulations about that. And if they’re going to go in a plane versus going in a truck — things like that — the rules are different. That’s important.

But that being said, Video Boxes are super impactful. I think that they do a great job with influencers. You need ROE with an influencer, and that’s that return on experience before you can get to a point of return on investment.

So make sure you guys understand that when you’re addressing those influencers. Put something fun in it. You know the video content is obviously a big deal, and make it functional for them too. Think about how they’re going to interact in front of the camera with the box and the stuff. And how they’re going to grab and handle those contents and put them back and show them to their audience… That’s important. And we can talk about that and give you guys some suggestions with regards to that.”

Amy: “In addition to that, sometimes we have clients that have a tiered approach with different levels of influencers, and maybe they want to send whatever is inside the box but maybe not incorporate a screen in a piece.

Or maybe they want to send a Video Brochure to some that doesn’t have the full experience. So, tiering that approach and having a different version for different influencer levels is something we’ve experienced doing too.”

Bill: “And as far as the technical side of this stuff, guys, this is a 7” screen. You can put a 10” screen… We’ve got a 15” screen we don’t tell many people about… But we have one. It’s a big screen… (chuckling)

Amy: “Well, it’s out now (chuckling).”

Bill: “Yeah, but (still chuckling) if I get calls about a 15” screen tomorrow, I’m gonna…”

Amy: “Well, we’ll be glad because they watched this…and use the 15” coupon code. Just kidding.”

Bill:(laughing) Don’t do that. But here’s the deal: You can load your own videos on these pieces. You can do personalized videos as well, so if they wanted to load a personalized video into this piece to address the recipient, they could do that.”

Amy: “Yeah, you plug in a cord right here (pointing). You drag and drop it. It works. It’s not very hard.”

Bill: “Yep, and then you can add one video or multiple videos for that matter, and there’s all sorts of button configurations that you guys can choose from. In this case, it’s got a really short video, so all they wanted was volume up and down and pause/play. But you can have video 1, video 2, video 3, fast forward, rewind, skip forward like a Roku…”

Amy: “And when you’re talking about technical stuff, I want to say this too: You probably can’t see it because this camera is probably too far away, but right here is a light sensor (camera zooms in), and that’s what activates this video. So when it’s closed, it’s dark so it doesn’t play. When it hits light, that’s what activates the piece.”

Bill: “Yeah, and it takes about two seconds — two and a half seconds at the most — to actually trigger that. Once it opens and it starts to see light, the system starts to fire up, and then within about two seconds, it starts to play the video.”

Amy: “We’ll walk you through all of that stuff. We have multiple activation methods depending on the product and the box, and we usually choose for you what the best solution is, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

Bill: “Certainly. So, this gives you an idea, guys. Like I said, this is a cool box. It’s a fun way to present a service, an offering, an invitation for that matter. It’ll drive traffic for sure, I guarantee it.

If you’re interested in something like this, give us a call. We’d love to talk to you about them, and maybe a Video Box is right, or maybe we can find a Video Brochure that’s right as well.So, don’t forget — go down to those twitter links that we provided. They’re fun. People are having a good time with them, and you’ll see for yourself. I’d say the proof is in the pudding, but this is cake… (both chuckle).”

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